Elizabeth II, £2 (Year of the Dog) 2018 1 Oz MS69 - Early Release

Most collectors don’t even know the Royal Mint issued a crownsized £2 for the Chinese Year of the Dog in 2018... But not only do we have them, but we also have them slabbed MS69 out of 70, and they have been certified to be early releases. You have Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a running dog on the reverse. How appropriate considering how much the Queen loves dogs. They are certified and slabbed by NGC the grading company chosen by the Royal Mint. Own a coin that most people don’t even know exists, and own it in one of the best grades possible. Get this 2018 Year of the Dog, £2 MS69 Early Release for JUST £59.50. There are less than 100 pieces available.
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SKU: CLC7102