Elizabeth II, £2 1998 Silver Piedfort

It was 23 years ago (1997) that the Royal Mint issued its first bi-metallic £2 piece. Before then we had a larger heavier coin in just one metal. To make the new coin even more interesting, to VIP collections, they struck them in Proof Sterling Silver. For real VIP’s they struck them in Sterling Silver in double the normal thickness, these are called Piedforts. Not only can we offer you the first date of issue in Sterling Silver Piedfort, but we can also offer you the second date as well in Sterling Silver Piedfort. The second date is always more difficult to find than the first date. Everyone sees a new coin and they buy one and put it away. By the time the second coin comes out, most people ignore it, as they already have the first one. All our coins are in Proof condition in a protective capsule. Today the Royal Mint charges £110.00 for a Piedfort £2; our prices are much more interesting. You can have either the first date ever issued or the second date ever issued, or treat yourself and buy both.
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