Elizabeth II, 1990 Royal Mint Deluxe Proof Set

In 1990 the Royal Mint reduced the size of the Five Pence piece, to the size we use today. The 1990 Proof Set is rather Special, as it contains both sizes of the Five Pence, both large and small. The large sized Five Pence was not struck for circulation. In fact this Proof Set contains three coins that were not issued for circulation, the large sized 5p, the 10p and the 50p. So this is a very important set and one that many collectors are missing. You get the £1, 50p (not issued for circulation), 20p, 10p (not issued for circulation), Large sized 5p (not issued for circulation), small sized 5p, 2p and 1p. Offered here is the 1990 Proof Set in Deluxe Red Leather Case.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, 1995 Royal Mint Deluxe Proof Set

Elizabeth II, 1995 Royal Mint Deluxe Proof Set

1995 de-luxe Royal Mint Proof Set in red 'leather feel' case.