Elizabeth I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) Very Good - Fine

The obverse has a clear portrait with some sharper details. The reverse displays a detailed shield and clear date.
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Henry III, Penny (Canterbury) Silver Very Fine

In the reign of King Henry III, the only coin that was made was a Silver Penny. Some of these coins were cut in half or in quarters to make Halfpennies and Farthings, but the Silver Penny was the only coin actually issued. The newest of these coins is almost 750 years old. You have the crowned facing portrait of Henry on the obverse and a cross on the reverse. These Silver Pennies we have on offer were struck in the city of Canterbury, which we think makes them even more interesting. Each coin was struck by hand one at a time. The coins on offer are in Very Fine condition, which is quite a high grade for this English Silver coin. Supplies are limited and we know you will love owning this 750-year-old Silver Penny.
Picture of Septimius Severus Silver Denarius Very Fine

Septimius Severus Silver Denarius Very Fine

Septimius Severus was Roman Emperor from AD 193-211. In AD 208 he travelled to Britain to strengthen Hadrian’s Wall and went on to invade Scotland that same year but his plans were cut short when he became ill and died in York in AD 211. We have a few silver denarius in Very Fine Condition minted during his reign. There are different types but all have his portrait on the obverse, and usually a standing or seated figure on the reverse. PHOTOGRAPH IS REPRESENTATIVE OF COIN SUPPLIED.