Edward VII Stamps & Coins

We have put together a rather special collection of King Edward VII stamps and coins. Edward was of course Queen Victoria’s son and had to wait a very long time until he became King, sound like anyone you know today? There are 9 different Edward VII stamps all in fine used condition. You get the 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d, 2d, 2 1/2d, 3d, 5d and 6d and 1 shilling, plus you get an Edward VII Farthing and an Edward VII Penny. So you get all 9 stamps plus 2 coins for only £39.50. The catalogue price on the stamps alone is £154.50, so I think our price is very fair.
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Zloty coin with portrait of Nicolaus Copernicus. The coins on offer are dated 1968 which makes them over 50 years old. These coins are in Uncirculated condition and the portrait of the scientist is a superb work of a very talented engraver. Not an easy coin to find, especially in Very Fine condition, our supplies are limited.
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Canada 1952 Silver Dollar Unc

We thought that we would jazz things up a bit so here goes. King George VI was well-loved in Canada, a place that the Royal Family loves. Therefore we're offering the last George VI Canadian Silver Dollar, issued in 1952, but in uncirculated condition of course. This coin holds a unique history of the money of Canada issued during King George VI reign.
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Russia, Nicholas I Patina 1825 Pewter

This Russian Patina or retro pattern was issued for Czar Nicholas I (1825-1855). Retro-dated 1825, this is his Accession Rouble. Each is full crownsized and struck in Proof Pewter, a most difficult metal to work with, so the mintage was greatly restricted.