Hong Kong, Edward VIII Brass (GM)

One of the most popular of the Edward VIII issues is the one struck for Hong Kong. Since its return to China, there have been literally a billion potential collectors for this series. You have the bare head of the King on one side and a sailing junk on the other. The coins are available in Silver Proof, Silver Piedfort and Brass, here we present the Silver Piedfort coin. Mintages are very low and supplies have almost run out…All that are left at old prices.
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New Zealand, 1953 Crown Unc

In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was Crowned at her Coronation Ceremony. Only two countries in the world issued Special Coronation Crowns, two others issued crowns, but they were not special issues. New Zealand and Great Britain were the only two countries to issue Coronation Crowns. In fact it was the only Queen Elizabeth II pre-decimal crown to be issued by New Zealand. Only 250,000 were struck and today it is not easy to find. You have the uncrowned bust of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a crowned E II R on the other side. The examples that we have on offer are in Uncirculatedcondition. You may have the British issue in your collection, but do you have the New Zealand issue in your collection?
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