Dominican Republic, 1979 Peso with Juan Pablo Duarte

Cupro-nickel crown issued in 1979 in Uncirculated Condition
SKU: FDA9979

Juan Pablo Duarte was born in 1813 and his goal in life would turn out to be the formation of the nation of the Dominican Republic. He helped carve out that half of the island of Hispaniola to make his country. The other half is now known as Haiti.

This uncirculated cupro-nickel crown was issued between 1978 and 1980 for actual usage. The mintages are small and the coins we have offer here are dated 1979 with a mintage of just 45,000 pieces.

You have the full facing butst of Duarte and the reverse has the coat of arms of the Dominican Republic. For his trouble Duarte was exiled to Venezuela where he died.

Crowns of the Dominican Republic are not easy to find.