Djibouti 2000 Francs P43 Banque Centrale Unc

A lovely issue from Djibouti, a tiny country which is strategically located near the Red Sea, serving as a key refueling centre and entrepot. In 1977, Djibouti became independent from France. The design of this charming 2000 francs was originally issued in 1997 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Independence. The French influence can still be seen because this note was printed by the Banque de France. The issue we offer now has the Banque Centrale heading issued in 2008 (P43). The front features rocky outcrops in the distance with a camel caravan and a young girl in the foreground. The back shows a statue of a man with a shield and a view of the Presidential Palace. Crisp Uncirculated 2000 francs from one of the smallest countries in the world!
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#Djibouti 2000 francs nd (2005) P43. Blue. Camel Caravan at centre, Girl at r/ Statue & palace. Unc