Dassier Medals & Book

British Kings & Queens Medals and Book re-issue of the Dassiers of Geneva series made in the late 1700s
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The famous family of Swiss engravers named the Dassier Family, in the late 1700s made a series of medals depicting British Kings and Queens.

Today this set will sell for well over £1,500. A few years ago a British mint reissued this collection in a superb, huge four tray wooden presentation case. There are a total of 32 different high relief medals struck in a two toned copper finish. They go from William I to George II, as they were originally made in the reign of King George III.

This re-issue was made to sell for £595, as the four tray wooden case must have cost them about £100, plus you have the 32 different Kings & Queens medals. At that time The Dassier Family were perhaps, the finest engravers in the world. But we are not going to charge you £595 for the collection. No, we are going to offer up to 100 lucky collectors the chance to own it for only £195. But we are also going to give you a copy of the large hardbound book ‘The Medals of the Dassiers of Geneva’. 222 glossy pages in both English and French and beautifully illustrated. This book normally sells for £34.95 but it is yours FREE with the collection of handsome medals.

One important point, the collection and book are very heavy and it will be sent from our storage facility, separate from the rest of your order. They will be available in the shop for personal callers, but they are heavy. You are getting the medal collection made to sell for £595, plus the handsome book on the Dassier Family fro free. The pair can be yours for just £195 in total! Just 100 collections available, so please do not miss out on this bargain!

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