Cuba, Souvenir Peso 1985 Sterling Silver Proof

Sterling Silver 1985 Cuban Souvenirs Proof individually numbered on the edge with numbered certificate Mintage 250, 38.6mm 28.28 grams.
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Cuba, Souvenir Coin 1985 Gold Plated

The Commonwealth Mint in Birmingham struck the 1985 Cuban Souvenir Peso, much better strikes than the Tower Mint did. They are beautiful proof pieces each in a protective capsule. They struck them in silver plated Proof and gold plated Proof, something the Tower Mint never did. The mintage was just 1,000 in silver plated and 1,000 in gold plated. No more will ever be made, the dies are being given to a museum. The coin on offer here is the 1985 Commonwealth Mint Souvenir Peso Gold Plated Previous issues have increased in value due to collector demand, we do not sell anything as an investment, just reporting the facts.