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Vanuatu 200 Vatu P8 Unc

Vanuatu 200 vatu P8a Pink , blue and m/c Arms at r/ Statue of family and group of citizens. Unc

Vanuatu 500 Vatu 2017 P-New Polymer Plastic

Vanuatu has completed the transition from issuing its banknotes in paper and now uses polymer plastic. We offer here Uncirculated examples of the plastic 500 vatu issued in 2017 (P-New). The mauve polymer plastic 500 vatu is mauve and slightly reduced in size over the paper version. The same Melanesian man in on the front and a group of dancing boys on the back while another draws in the sand. Limited availability.

Vanuatu 500 Vatu P5 Unc

We offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 500 vatu in 1993.(P5) From 1906 this Pacific Island nation was jointly managed as the New Hebrides as an Anglo-French condominium until its independence in 1980. A Melanesian man appears to the right on the front. The back shows carved figures and a man in traditional dress beats a drum carved from a whole tree. Crisp Uncirculated.

Venezuela 2 New Bolivares P88 Unc

Venezuela 2 bolivares 2007 P88 Blue and brown Printed vertically. De Miranda/ Dolphins Unc

Venezuela 5 New Bolivares P89 Unc

Venezuela 5 bolivares 2014 P89 Orange and grey Printed vertically. Negro Primero/ Armadillo. Unc

Vietnam 10,000 Dong P119 Plastic Unc

Vietnam 10,000 dong nd (2007) P119 Printed on plastic Brown and green. Ho Chi Minh at r/ Sea platform Unc

Vietnam 100 Dong 1980 P88a Fine

Once North and South Vietnam had united to become the Republic of Vietnam, their currencies were merged. In 1980, the first new Vietnamese 100 dong was issued (P88a) It shows the coat of arms at its centre and a large portrait of Ho Chi Minh on the right. The back shows sampan sailing ships in Ha Long Bay. Available in Fine for £2.75.

Vietnam 100 Dong 2016 65th Anniversary Bank P125 Unc

For quite a few years now the banknotes issued by Vietnam have been printed on polymer plastic. Yet in 2016 a new 100 Dong note was issued, bigger than normal and printed on paper. It was issued to mark the 55th Anniversary of National Banking in Vietnam 1961-2016. Ho Chi Minh is on the front and a view of the bank headquarters in Hanoi is on the back. Uncirculated.

Yemen Arab Republic 100 Rials 2018 P-New Unc

This 100 rial note for Yemen was for issue in 2018 but has only just appeared (P-New) The front features the Dracaenea Cinnabari or Socotra Dragon Tree so called because of its red sap. Native to Yemen these trees have a strange appearance with upturned crown, reminiscent of an umbrella. A terraced hillside is illustrated on the back. Crisp Uncirculated at £3.25.

Yemen Arab Republic 200 Rials 2018 P38 Unc

Yemen Arab Republic 200 rials P-New Yellow. Fort and entrance/ View of cliffs Unc

Yemen Democratic Republic 250 Fils P1 Unc

Yemen Democratic Republic 250 fils nd P1 Brown on white Ship in harbour/ Palm Unc

Yugoslavia 100 Million dinara 1993 P124 Unc

In the early 1990s, Yugoslavia suffered chronic hyperinflation with banknotes being issued in the millions and finally the billions. This 100 million Dinara is dated 1993. (P124) A young boy appears on the front with the facade of the Academy of Science on the back. A relic of troubled times before war led to the breakup of the country. Crisp Uncirculated at just £ 3.75

Yugoslavia 1000 Dinara 1931 P29 AU//Unc

These large Yugoslavia 1000 dinara notes are dated 1931 and are printed in pastel colours in that wonderful French style (P29) The front features a portrait of Queen Marie who was the wife of King Alexander until his assassination in 1934. She fled to Britain during the Second World War and died in exile in 1961. In 2014 her remains were returned to Serbia to be reinterred. Lovely notes in AU/Unc.

Yugoslavia 20,000 Dinara 1987 P95 Unc

Yugoslavia 20,000 dinara 1987 P95 Brown Miner with Davy lamp/ Cog mechanism Unc

Yugoslavia 5 Million Dinara 1993 P121Unc

Yugoslavia 5 million dinara from 1993 featuring Pink and turquoise Tesla at l/Dynamo and dam, in uncirculated condition.

Yugoslavia 500 Billion Dinara 1993 P137 Unc

Not many countries have had to resort to issuing banknotes with a billion denomination. Always a result of runaway inflation, these billion notes have always fascinated collectors. We offer this 500 billion Dinara note from Yugoslavia issued in 1993 (P137) in Uncirculated at only £12.50.

Yugoslavia 500 Dinara 1935 P32 AU/Unc

#Yugoslavia 500 dinara 1935 P32 Pastel pinks and greens Allegorical women seated with sheaves of wheat/ King Peter Crisp A Unc

Yugoslavia, 500 billion dinara, 1993, (P137) VF-GVF

The highest denomination note issued during the crazy hyper-inflation period in the early 1990's

Zaire 50 New Makuta 1993 P51 Unc

Zaire 50 nouveaux makuta 1993 51 Orange and green. Pres Mobutu at r/ Traditional fishing Unc

Zambia 100 kwacha P38 Unc

Zambia 100 kwacha 2006 P38f Pink and mauve Fish eagle at r/ Buffalo head and Victoria Falls Unc

Zambia 500 kwacha 2003 Plastic P43 Unc

Zambia 500 kwacha 2008 P47 Printed on polymer plastic Brown, yellow and grey Fish eagle at r/Elephant and cotton harvest. Unc

Zambia 500 kwacha nd P39 Unc

Zambia 500 kwacha (1992) P39 Turquoise, yellow and brown Fish eagle on branch/ Head of elephant and cotton harvest. Unc