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Tanzania 1000 Shilingi 2010 P41 Unc

Tanzania 1000 shilling nd (2010) P41 Blue Nyerere at centre/ façade of building Unc

Tanzania 1000-5000 Shilingi (3) P41-3 Unc

A trio of Uncirculated notes from Tanzania which used to be known as Tanganika and Zanzibar. It’s a colourful set. The front of the 1000 shilingi features a portrait Tanzania’s first President Julius Nyerere while the front of the 2000 shilingi depicts the head of a lion while the head of a rhino is on the 5000 shilingi. Important buildings and a mining operation and diamonds are depicted on the back. Crisp Uncirculated.

Tanzania 500 Shilingi P35 Unc

Tanzania 500 shillings nd (2003) P35 Green. Wildebeest at r/ Curved roof building Unc

Tartarstan 100 Roubles P5b Unc

Tartarstan 100 roubles nd (1991-2) P5b Uniface Pink and green. Very simple design Flag. Unc

Tartarstan, 100 roubles 1991/2 (P6) Crisp Unc

Issued by Tartarstan between 1991 and 1992, these 100 rouble notes are uniface and offered in Uncirculated condition.

Thailand 100 Baht 2018 New King P-New Unc

King Rama IX of Thailand died in 2016. He was succeeded by his only son Maha Vajiralongkorm, now known as Rama X. After a long period of mourning Thailand has begun issuing notes with the new king’s portrait. (P-New) The back of this 100 baht note features a portrait of two Kings Uncirculated.

Thailand 50 Baht P112 Unc Paper

Thailand 50 baht P112 Blue facing portrait King Rama IX at r/ Elephant statue and King on throne Unc

Timor 100 Escudos 1963 P28 Unc Some Stains

Timor 100 escudos 1963 P28a Brown on white Dom Aleixo in plumed hat/Arms Unc

Timor 20 Escudos 1967 P26 Slight staining Unc

Timor 20 escudos 1967 P26 Green. Dom Aleixo at r in plumed hat/Arms Some staining otherwise GEF/Unc

Tonga 1 Pa'anga King George P37 Unc

Tonga 1 pa'anga P37 Green Portrait late King George at r/ Whale Unc

Tonga Half Pa'anga 1983 P18c Unc

Tonga ½ pa'anga P18c Dark brown and pale pink Portrait of King Taufa'ahau at r, coat of arms at lower l/Brown and blue Coconut workers at l Unc

Transdniestra 10 Rublei 1994 P18 Unc

Transdniestra 10 roubles 1994 P18 Pink and white Subarov at r/ Buildings. Unc

Trinidad & Tobago 100 Dollars 2019 P-New Polymer Unc

The island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has not long released a new series of banknotes in polymer. From this series we offer Uncirculated examples of the 100 dollars dated 2019.(P-New) The front has the country’s arms at the centre with a bird of paradise to the left and the national flag to the right. On the back are illustrations of the Eric Williams Financial Complex in Port of Spain and BP’s Juniper Offshore Oil Platform. Uncirculated and limited availability at £26.50.

Tunisia 1 Dinar 1980 P74 Unc

Tunisia 1 dinar 1980 P74 Pink Bourguiba at r and ancient theatre and ruins at l/ Hillside shoreline town. Unc

Tunisia Half Dinar P69 Unc

Tunisia Half Dinar 1973 P69. Coloured Green and peach, featuring Habib Bourguiba at centre and a camel and plough below. On the reverse features sheep grazing, a fruit bowl and a tree in the centre. In uncirculated condition. This is a rare note, especially in uncirculated condition considering the Tunisian Dinar is now a closed currency, meaning it's illegal to import it into or export it out of the country.

Turkey 1 Million Lirasi (1995) P209 Unc

In the 1990’s when these 1 million lira were issued. Turkey was experiencing high inflation/ (B212) Not many countries issue notes with million denominations and for those of you who make this your collecting theme this is definitely one you should include in your collection. Kemal Ataturk, architect of modern Turley appears on the front. An aerial view of a dam appears on the back. Crisp Uncirculated

Turkey 50 Lirasi 1970 P124 Unc

Turkey 50 lirasi P124 Brown. Ataturk at r/ Ornate fountain. Unc

Turkey 500,000 Lirasi (1998) P212 Unc

Turkey 500,000 lire (1998) P212 Mauve Ataturk at r/ Mausoleum Unc

Turkmenistan 1000 Manat 1995 P8 Unc

Turkmenistan 1000 manat 1995 P8 Peach and green Late president Niyazov at r and domed building at centre/ Design Unc

Turkmenistan 50 manat 2005 P17 Unc

Turkmenistan 50 manat 2005 P17 Mauve Late President Niyazov at centre/Golden horse Unc

United Arab Emirates 5 Dirhams P26 Unc

United Arab Emirates 5 dirhams 2009 P26c Brown, pink and yellow. Market building/Minaret and view of shoreline. Unc