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St Kitts (ECCA) 5 Dollars nd(2003) P42k Unc

St Kitts 5 dollars nd (2003) P42k Green Facing portrait Queen Eliz II /Admirals House and waterfall K Suffix Unc

St Pierre et Miquelon 5 Francs P22 Unc

St Pierre e Miquelon 5 francs (1950-60) P22 Pastel shades French styled printing. Small Bougainville at r and galleon at l. Woman with fruit etc Unc

St Thomas & Prince 10,000 Dobras 2013 P66d Unc

St Thomas & Prince 10,000 dobras P66d Green and blue. Rei Amador at r and bird at l/Bridge over canal. Unc

St Thomas and Prince Islands, 10,000 dobras, 1996 (P66) UNC

A beautiful note printed by Thomas de la Rue

St.Thomas & Prince 5000-100,000 Dobras 2013 (5 values)Unc

The islands of St. Thomas and Prince are located in the Gulf of Guinea. Their rich birdlife is celebrated on this complete set of 5 values dated 2013, the last year of issue. (P65-9) Included in the set are the denominations of 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 dobras. The first 4 values all feature a profile portrait of Rei Amador, famous as the leader of a slave rebellion in the islands in 1595. Alongside his portrait an array of beautiful birds, native to St. Thomas and Prince are depicted. On the whopping 100,000 dobras, we find a portrait of Francisco Jose Tenreiro, a famous 20th-century poet. Important landmarks, a beach, house, and bridge are depicted on the backs. All in all, a wonderfully colourful, and charming set of notes. They currently catalogue almost £150 ($195) but the complete denomination set can be yours for just £18.50 in Uncirculated condition.

Sudan 100 Pounds P44 Unc

Sudan 100 Sudanese Pounds 1989 P44 Brown, green and pink Building at l and book at r/ Bank building Unc

Sudan General Gordon 500 Piastres PS106

In 1884 the city of Khartoum was under siege. General Charles Gordon who was in charge of the city needed money to keep his troops on side and to ensure the city could function. To this end he issued notes which bore his facsimile signature in values from the 1 piastre to the 5000 piastres. The Mahdi forces eventually stormed Khartoum and Gordon was killed. Anyone caught with one of these General Gordon issues would have been put to death. We can now offer examples of the 500 piastres note issued by General Gordon. They were necessarily small and crude affairs, printed on cardlike paper on one side only (PS106) A relic of an heroic stand by a legendary 19th century general.

Surinam 2 1/2 Gulden 1985 Blue Bird P119 Unc

Surinam 2 1/2 gulden 1985 P119 Orange. Blue bird on branch/ Dam and iguana. Unc

Surinam 25 Gulden 1988 P132b Unc

Suriname 25 gulden 1988 P132b Green and orange Man at l, street scape at bottom, armed revolutionaries at r/ Beautiful toucan with flowers at l, crowd listening to a speech at r Unc

Surinam 250 Gulden 1988 P134 Unc

These 250 gulden notes dated 1988 were issued by Surinam (P134). The front has a portrait of Anton de Kom, a resistance fighter and author. The back depicts a toucan, a native of the forests in Surinam. To the right is a vignette of de Kom addressing a meeting outside his father’s house in 1933, the year he was eventually arrested and taken to the Netherlands. Crisp Uncirculated.

Surinam 5 Gulden 1982 P125 Unc

Surinam 5 gulden 1982 P35 Blue on white Details from monument/Building with flag Unc

Sweden 10 Kroner P52 Unc

Sweden 10 kronor 1963-90 P52 Pale blue. King Gustaf VI Adolf at r/ Snowflake pattern Unc

Sweden 5 Kronor 1965-81 P51 Unc

Sweden 5 kroner 1965-81 P51 Mauve and green on yellow King Gustav at r/ Stylised bird. Unc

Sweden 5 Kronur P33ad Crisp GVF-EF

Two different 5 kroner notes issued by Sweden between 1947 and 1981. The first dated between 1947 and 1952 has an illustration on the front of Svea seated with lion and shield. A portrait of King Gustav appears on the back (P33) Available in Crisp GVF-GEF.

Sweden, 5 Kronor, 1966-1981 (P51). Crisp EF

Issued between 1966 and 1981 by Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish National Bank), the world's oldest central bank.

Sweden, 50 Kronor, Good VF

Square notes from Sweden issued in the 1950-60's

Sweden, Square 100 kroner (P45/8) VF/GVF

Attractive square notes issued in the 1950's and 60's but reminiscent of the 19th century designs.

Switzerland 100 francs 1956-73. VF

Large blue and white 1000 franc note with the legend of St Martin on the back.

Syria 1 Pound P93 Unc

Syria 1 livre 1963 P93a Brown and yellow Man at lathe/ Ancient water wheel and aqueduct Unc

Syria 2000 Syrian Pounds Assad P117 Unc

Syria 2000 Syrian Pounds 2017 P117 Mauve Pres Assad at r and building at centre/Parliament chamber Unc

Taiwan 50 Yuan 1999 P1990 Plastic Unc

Taiwan 50 yuan 1999 P1990 Printed on polymer plastic Pink Banknotes / Bank building and train. Unc