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South Sudan trio, 1, 5 & 10 Pounds (P5-7). UNC

Set of three denominations from the newly formed South Sudan.

South Sudan, 1 & 5 Pounds, nd (2011), (P5-6) Unc

Pair of crisp uncirculated notes from South Sudan issued in 2011.

South Vietnam 1000 Dong Elephants P34 Unc

South Vietnam 1000 dong (1972) P34 Blue Building/ Working elephants Unc

Spain 10 Pesetas 1935 P86 Unc

Spain 10 pesetas 1935 (P86) allegorical woman wearing crenellated crown

Spain 100 Pesetas 1931 P83 EF

Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba/El Gran Capitan in the field of Cerignola before corpse of his enemy, Louis d’Armagnac Duke of Nemours from Casado del Alsal painting

Spain 100 Pesetas 1970 P152 Unc

Spain 100 pesetas 1970 P152 Brown on white de Falla at r/Walled garden Unc

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1925 P70c EF/ GEF

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1925 (P70c) Portrait Charles I, Holy Roman Emperor from 1519, King of Spain from 1516/Double headed eagle in Coat of Arms over door of Alcasar in Toledo

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1928 P78a EF/GEF

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1928 (P78) King Ferdinand I of Castile and Leon and Seville Cathedral/Last Communion of Ferdinand I from painting by Alejandro Ferrant Fischermans.

Spain 25 Pesetas 1928 P74b Unc

Spain25 Pesetas 1928 (P74b) Calderon de la Barca (1606-81) and Monument in Plaza de Santa Anna in Madrid/ Detail of painting by Domingo Munoz of The Devotion of the Cross

Spain 5 Pesetas 1935 P85a Unc

Spain 5 pesetas 1935 (1936) P85a Green and m/c Young woman at l/ Violet Simple design Unc

Spain 5 Pesetas 1954 P146 Unc

Spain 5 pesetas 1954 P146 Green on white Small. King at r/ Façade of Palacio de Biblioteca e Museos Unc

Spain 50 Pesetas 1935 P88 Crisp EF/GEF

High grade examples of the 50 pesetas issued in 1935 by Spain. (P88) Engraved and printed by Thomas de la Rue the front features the portrait of Santiago Ramos y Cajal. He was famous as a doctor and histologist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906. His elaborate memorial, found in the Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid is illustrated on the back. These are lovely examples in Crisp EF/GEF at just £14.50.

Spain 500 Pesetas 1931 P84 Unc

Spain 500 pesetas 1931 (P84) Juan Sebastian de Elcano/de Elcano landing in Seville after going round the world from painting by Elias Salverria

Spain, 1 Peseta 1953 P144 Unc

Spain 1 peseta 1953 P144 Tiny Brown on white Marquez de Santa Cruz in ruff at r/ Ship in panel Unc

Spain, 100 Pesetas 1928 P76 Don Quixote Fine

Spain 100 pesetas 1928 P86 Mauve and grey Cervantes and Cervantes monument with Dom Quixote etc/ Pastoral scene Fine

Spain, 100 Pesetas, 1925 (P69) VF

Beautifully engraved and printed in England by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd.

Spain, 25 Pesetas 1954 P147 A Unc

Spain 25 pesetas 1954 P147a Mauve on white Isaac Albeniz at l/ View of cloistered building A Unc

Spain, 'Balmes' 5 pesetas, 1951 (P140) UNC

Small sized 5 peseta note issued in 1951 depicting Jaime Balmes.

Spitsbergen 1 Kopeck 1979 Unc

Spitsbergen 1 kopeck nd (1979) Tiny. Green Issued to Russian miners who were settled on Spitsbergen Unc

Spitsbergen 5 Kopeck 1979 Unc

Spitsbergen 5 kopeck issued for Russian Mining Company in 1979 Tiny. Blue, yellow and green on white Unc

Sri Lanka 100 Rupees 2010 P125 Unc

Sri Lanka 100 rupees 2010 P125 Orange. Power Plant at centre, orange billed babbler bird and butterfly./dancer. Unc

Sri Lanka 200 Rupees Plastic P114 Unc

Sri Lanka 200 rupees 1998 P114b Blue and yellow Printed on polymer plastic Issued to mark 50 years of Independence Temple and vignettes of life in Sri Lanka/ Scenes from history including trampling British flag. Unc

Sri Lanka 20-500 Rupees P123-126 Unc

A lovely set of four colourful notes issued by Sri Lanka between 2015 and 2016. The values included in our set are the 20,50,100 and 500 rupees (P123-6) The fronts feature a different native bird alongside prominent landmarks, transportation links, dockside scenes and industrial installations. Unusually the backs are printed vertically and all feature dancers and musicians.

St Helena £1 P9 Unc

St Helena £1 P9 Green on white Bareheaded portrait Queen Eliz II and three masted ship in front of island/Arms Unc