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Sierra Leone 1000 Leones 2010 P30 Unc

Sierra Leone 1000 leones 2010 P30 Red, grey and m/c Bai Bureh at r/ Satellite dish Unc

Singapore 1 Dollar 1987 P18 Unc

Singapore 1 dollar nd (1987) P18a Blue Junk sailing ship/Orchids and satellite dish Unc

Singapore 2 Dollars (1998) P37 Unc

Singapore 2 dollars P37 Blue and pink Junk ship with sampans/ Chingay Procession Unc

Singapore 2 Dollars Plastic 2006 P46 Unc

Singapore 2 dollars nd (2005) P46 Printed on plastic Mauve. bin Ishok at r/Education Unc

Singapore, 1 dollar, nd (1979) (P9). UNC

Blue and cream design printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd.

Slovenia 50 Tolarjev P13 Unc

Slovenia 50 tolarjev 1992 P13 Grey, yellow and mauve Vega at r and mathematical diagram at l/ Planets Unc

Solomon Islands 2 Dollars 1997 P18 Unc

Solomon Islands 2 dollars P18 Green Arms at r/ Traditional spear fishing Unc

Solomon Islands 10 Dollars 1986 P15 Unc

Solomon Islands 10 dollars P15 Pink Arms at r/ Woman and musical instrument Unc

Solomon Islands 2 Dollars 2001 P23 Plastic Unc

Solomon Islands 2 dollars P23 Green printed on polymer plastic Crest/Traditional spear fishing Unc

Solomon Islands 2 Dollars Paper P25

Solomon Islands 2 dollars nd P25 Green Arms with crocodile and shark/ Traditional spearfishing Unc

Solomon Islands 40 Dollars P-New Polymer Unc

The Solomon Islands issued a new polymer plastic note last year. It was issued to commemorate 40 years of independence.(P-New) The front is printed in vertical format and depicts a man blowing a conch shell The back in a more familiar horizontal format shows a turtle, a diver, and a family in a canoe near the seashore. Uncirculated.

Somalia 5 Shillings P31 Unc

Somalia 5 shilin 1987 P31 Maroon on white Wildebeest / Banana grove Unc

Somalia 50 Shillings PR2 Unc

Somalia 50 shilingi 1991 PR2 Brown and m/c Man weaving/Banana grove and woman with donkey Unc

Somaliland 1000 Shillings 2011 P20 Unc

Somaliland 1000 shillings 2011 P20 Red Low lying building in frame at centre/Live sheep on key to be transported Unc

Somaliland 5000 Shilingi 2011 P21 Unc

Somaliland 5000 shilin 2011 P21a Green Low lying building at centre/ Camels and goats Unc

South Africa 10 Rand P128 Unc

South Africa 10 rand P128 Green. Rhino and calf/Head of ram. Unc

South Africa, 2 rand, 1983-1990 (P118d). UNC

Issued by The South Africa Reserve Bank between 1983 and 1990.

South Africa, Swellendam, Barry & Nephews £5, 18xx

Beautiful early private issue £5 notes in GEF/UNC condition but with light staining.

South Africa, Swellendam, Barry & Nephews, £5, 18xx

Beautiful early private issue £5 Sterling notes in GEF/UNC condition.

South Sudan 100 S Sudanese Pounds 2015-7 P15 Unc

South Sudan 2015-2016 P15b Blue. de Mabior at l/ Lion and waterfall. Unc

South Sudan 1-50 S Sudanese Pounds (5 values) Unc

South Sudan came into being in 2011 when it split from what is now referred to as North Sudan. This fledgling nation has had a turbulent history with a civil war breaking out in 2013. These troubles have affected the economy and resulted in a sharp deterioration in its currency. This is why we can offer a great value set of 4 Crisp uncirculated South Sudan notes ranging from the 10 to the 50 South Sudanese Pounds Dating between 2015 and 2017 this set is now available for just £9.25 (While stocks last).

South Sudan 20 S Sudanese Pounds 2015/17 P13 Unc

South Sudan 20 S Sudanese Pounds 2015 P13 Grey and orange brown de Mabior at l/ Antelope Unc