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Picture of Choice Constantine London Treasure

Choice Constantine London Treasure

Constantine the Great 307-337 AD - treasure trove roman bronze coin with London Mint Mark.
Picture of Constantinople Comm (Almost Extremely Fine)

Constantinople Comm (Almost Extremely Fine)

This is one of a handful of very interesting commemorative issues struck by Constantine the Great. The type offered here is one of the two more affordable types and was made for the founding of Constantinople in A.D. 330. They are made from bronze and show the Goddess of the city, ‘Constantinopolis’, in a helmet and war gear on the obverse. The reverse shows the goddess of Victory on the prow of a ship holding a sceptre and shield. This is to symbolise the port being captured using ships by Constantine’s son, Crispus. On a small amount of these reverses, the prow will be facing towards Victory, this is because the engravers making the designs didn’t realise the goddess was meant to be on the ship! There are enough variations in mintmarks and the styles of the designs on these to form a collection of these types alone. But the most interesting about these coins is how well they have survived! At this time bronze coins would circulate so heavily that it is very hard to find them in a good grade. We have a small collection of this commemorative from 1600 years ago in this exceptional almost Extremely Fine grade.
Picture of Treasure Coin of Constantine the Great with Rare Mintmark

Treasure Coin of Constantine the Great with Rare Mintmark

On the 22nd of March 1970, a hoard of choice Constantinian Roman bronze coins was found in a field adjoining the Fosse Way, near Bourton-on-the-Water. The locals called the area the ‘Money Ground’ because so many Roman coins were found there over the years. This time they found the ultimate source, what had been an original sack of coins hidden almost 1,700 years ago. Correctly, the hoard was handed in and declared as Treasure Trove. We are always being asked for Roman coins struck in Britain and especially for those of Constantine the Great, often because he was declared emperor in York in A.D. 306. Our answer? "The only coins you can be sure of will have a London Mintmark", which is usually ‘PLN’. But there are others and these Mintmarks are rarer! From (this declared hoard/the ‘Money Ground’ hoard) we can offer you: ‘MLL’, ‘MSL’ or ‘MLN’. The Mintmark will be of our choice but the first to order will get the rarest of the three: ‘MLL’. They grade Extremely Fine having been buried very soon after they were struck. Remember, this is a bronze coin of Constantine the Great struck 1,700 years ago, in an incredible condition from the ‘Money Ground’ Hoard and with Rarer London Mintmarks. What more can you want?