Congo, 10 Francs 2010 Templar Knight

From medieval times the Templar Knight or better known as the Knight Templar was both famous and infamous, depending on which side of the sword you were on. They have been honoured by a rather beautiful 10 Francs issued by the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2010. It is part of their Warriors of the World Series. However we must warn or delight you, whichever side of the sword… although it looks like a beautiful silver crown in Choice Proof condition, it is actually a beautiful silver plated crown in Choice Proof condition. But I am sure your friends won’t know the difference when you show it to them. All they will know is that it is a beautiful coin.
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Congo, 10 Francs (Mongolian Warrior) 2010

This handsome silvered crown of 10 Francs was issued by Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2010. You have a Mongolian Warrior on horseback galloping ahead wearing his plumed helmet, holding his flag as he charges forward. I think it is a very striking looking coin and one that you will be happy with. It is silvered so it looks like solid silver and is a gleaming Proof crown or 10 Francs. It is beautiful…
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Congo, 10 Francs, Warriors of The World English Archer

The Democratic Republic of the Congo issued a series of Proof Crowns or 10 Francs in 2010 to honour real and fantasy Warriors of the World. Here we offer the English Archer, famous for showing two fingers to the French. Each silver plated crown is struck in gleaming Proof condition and we think we bought most of the mintage.