Civil War Pistol Ball & Medals of the English Civil Wars Book

Some three and a half centuries ago, Britain was convulsed by a series of civil wars. The names of its participants and major battles "Oliver Cromwell and Charles I, Cavaliers and Roundheads, Edgehill and Dunbar" are still well known today. These wars (1642-1651) saw the introduction of medals as rewards for gallantry and campaign service. This book places these medals within the historical context of the times. The wars also introduced the use of firearms en masse with a tactic called ‘Pike and Shot’ to English soil. We've placed both of these 17th Century British 'innovations' on a single deal and we are now giving you the chance to own the two, for the old fashion price of only £73.45 including UK postage & handling charge! Don't miss out on this offer, stock is limited...
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  • Pistol balls from the English Civil War each will come with a certificate of Authenticity
  • The English Civil Wars Vol 1&2: Medals, Historical Commentary, and Personalities by Jerry & Arleen K. Platt.

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