China, Mint Set 1955-2016 (6 coins)

1, 2 & 5 Fen and large and small 1 Jiaoj and 5 Jiaoj.
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Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm 3rd Century B.C. Countermarked_obv

Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm 3rd Century B.C. Countermarked

Everyone has heard of Alexander the Great but most collectors only dream of owning a coin in his name. We have a small group of silver tetradrachms that were struck in his name by the Ptolemaic dynasty in the 3rd Century B.C. On one side you have the head of Herakles wearing a lion’s skin headdress and on the other Alexander’s name ‘AΛEΞANΔPOY’ in Greek script with the seated Zeus holding an eagle and sceptre. These particular coins also have a countermark of an anchor that would have allowed them to circulate in Seleukid lands, three kingdoms for the price of one! They are struck on a large flan, grade About Very Fine with some discolouration from their time spent in the ground, don’t miss out on owning an Alexander the Great Tetradrachm struck in the 3rd Century.