Charles III, £2 (Royal Coat of Arms) 2023 Choice BU

We have just had in our allocation of the 2023 issue of the Royal Coat of Arms silver £2. But, most importantly they are the first of the series to feature our New King Charles III. They have the normal Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse with the date above and for the first time King Charles III on the obverse. These are early strikes and Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They have used the cross hatched background on both sides. These are early strike beautiful coins. They costly slightly more, but quality counts… The Mint had sold out in days and we had to go to another source to get these, we believe the mintage is just 150,00 rather than the usual one million they usually make.
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The Cayman Islands is one of the few countries outside the British Isles still issuing banknotes with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. This Caribbean destination is known for being, amongst other things a diver’s paradise and a home to many exotic creatures. We offer here Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 5 dollars first issued in 2010. Features a facing mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, a marine turtle and a pair of parakeets.