Cappadocia, Ariobarzanes I (95–63 B.C.), Drachm Very Fine

Ariobarzanes I (grandfather of Ariobarzanes III) was technically the King of Cappadocia from 95 B.C. to 63/62 B.C. After the previous royal line died out he was chosen by the people and appointed by the Roman area governor, the famous Sulla, earning the nickname Philorhomaios (friend of the Romans). Over the next 30 years Mithradates VI Eupator of Pontos removed Ariobarzanes three times, but each time the Romans would put him back on the throne. Finally, Mithradates was defeated once and for all by Pompey the Great who gave some extra territory to Ariobarzanes. After expanding his territory and meeting all the big names of the time we suspect he had had enough and abdicated for his son, Ariobarzanes II! We offer a Silver Drachm from Cappadocia of Ariobarzanes I. They show his head on the obverse with Athena holding Nike on the reverse. They grade Very Fine and we bought this small group very well so we are going to pass the savings on this Greek silver to you!
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