Canada, $5 2016 Maple Leaf BU

Here we present the 2016 Canadian Maple Leaf coin. The coin contains an ounce of pure silver and is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They were of course minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.
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Picture of Armenia, 2019 1 Ounce Silver

Armenia, 2019 1 Ounce Silver

This beautiful one ounce 500 Dram coin from Armenia hit me when I first saw it. I immediately called up my wholesaler to order more, as I knew it was going to be a winner. Only to be told that there might be later, but that they didn’t know if or when. So we have at the moment only 100 pieces in stock… It is a two toned Proof or Prooflike crownsized coin containing one ounce of 999 fine Silver. You have a depiction of Noah’s Ark on one side and the double headed arms of Armenia on the other side. It is a beautiful coin and perhaps they will make more or perhaps they won’t. We just don’t know at the moment. It is dated 2019 in Proof or Prooflike condition and contains one ounce of 999 fine Silver.