Burma Japanese Occupation 1-100 Rupees (4 Values) Fine-Unc

During the Second World War Burma was occupied by Japanese forces. During the occupation, special currency was printed headed with the words Japanese Government. These so called JIM notes (Japanese Invasion Money) was fairly crudely printed and lasted for the duration of the war. We offer a quartet of these invasion notes issued for Burma. Our set comprises the 1, 5, 10 and 100 rupees grading Fine Unc.
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Picture of Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank, £5, 1890’s, GEF/UNC

Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank, £5, 1890’s, GEF/UNC

£5 notes from an original book from the Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank
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Royal Bank Scotland £50 Sept 2005 P367 Unc

Although the Royal Bank of Scotland was established in 1727, it was not until 2005 that the bank issued a note with the £50 denomination (P367). This note had the distinction of being the first ever £50 note for the Royal Bank as well as the last ever printed on paper. It’s quite a handsome note, printed in green with the portrait of Lord Ilay, first Governor of the bank, on the front. The back is dominated by a view of Inverness Castle. Uncirculated.
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Provincial Bank Ireland £1 September 1926 DUBLIN P346b Unissued Hole Cancelled H Prefix

After 1929 The Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited had to change all its banknotes from payable in Dublin to payable in Belfast. This was because Ireland was now an independent nation and different from Northern Ireland which was a part of Great Britain. These crisp Uncirculated notes are dated 1926 and payable in Dublin so they had to be destroyed. They drilled holes in them to show they were no longer payable and legal tender. A few years ago a small group of them were found and they sold for over £100 each. We finally tracked down the owner and bought all that they had left. Remember these £1 notes are almost 100 years old and in crisp Uncirculated condition, they are just beautiful. The catalogue price is £75.00 but when Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop buys right, we sell right. So you can add one of these Rare Irish 1926 Pounds to your collection for just £39.50.