Bull & Horseman Jital from Afghanistan

These fantastic silver coins are over 1000 years old. They were struck by the Shahi Dynasty who ruled large parts of the region we now know as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India and they controlled both sides of the fabled Khyber Pass. At the end of the 9th century they lost Kabul to the Muslim invaders and were forced east where they stayed in power for another century until the rise of the Ghaznavid Empire led to the decline and fall of the Shahi Kingdom. On one side is a horseman bearing a lance with a banner and on the other side is a Brahma Bull with a legend in ancient script meaning ‘Honourable Chief Commander’. They are in About Very Fine condition which, considering they are over 1000 years old, is fantastic and our price of £17.95 is even better. These sold out last time and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to get more after this.
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We were offered a group of ancient Indian copper coins recently; they were issued between 59- 131 AD. They have an elephant on one side and some circles on the other side. They were very crudely struck; after all they were a very low denomination at the time. They are from Satavahanas, Pulomavi in India. We went through 2,000 coins in the hoard and picked out the best ones available. We went for the best elephants that we could find, in fact we bought only 10% of the hoard, and these were the only ones that we thought were of sufficient quality for our customers. A very old coin but it won’t cost you the earth. As the elephant is now endangered, we think this ancient coin is very appropriate.

Gadhaiya Paisa

These Billon Silver coins were minted between A.D.1022 and A.D.1135, making them between 900 and1000 years old! They were created in India by those who fled the Islamic expansion and were based on Sassanian coins showing the side facing bust of the monarch on the obverse and a fire altar on the reverse. As time went by, they started to get less and less realistic as the reason for the designs were lost. This means that the coins we have from around 300 years later are very abstract! The stories of Sinbad the Sailor are based on the sea voyages that Arabic peoples made down across the Indian Ocean to Ceylon and these are the coins that the sailors would have found on their journeys. We offer you these Silver Billon coins called Gadhaiya Paisa that were the major trade coins of medieval India. The obverse shows a stylised head facing to the right with the reverse showing a fire altar made from abstract dots and lines. These are priced to please at £19.95.