Bronze Antoninianus from the Blackmoor Hoard About Very Fine

On the 30th of October 1873, two large pear-shaped pots containing 29,802 Roman coins were dug up in Blackmoor Park in the parish of Selborne, Hampshire, halfway between Alton and Petersfield. The coins were closely packed and caked together with dirt so had to be carefully excavated, cleaned, and studied. The hoard consisted of coins dating up to around A.D. 296, the year of a battle near Woolmer, where the troops under the Emperor Constantius Chlorus defeated the army of the famous usurper Allectus to retake control of Britain. The hoard could be the unrecovered pay chest for the defeated armies of Allectus. Close to the location of the main coin find several other items have been found including bronze swords, spearheads, axe-heads, pottery, and other articles in metal including more coins. In 1975, the 4th Earl of Selborne decided to sell what he still had left of the hoard when it was auctioned by Christie’s on 9 December 1975. These coins have been tucked away since then and we are able to offer you a very limited quantity that we were able to purchase. The coins are billon Antoninianus of the emperors Victorinus and Tetricus and grade About Very Fine. The selection of coins from this hoard will be of our choice, but if you order more than one coin, we will try to provide you with different coins featuring the portraits of different emperors.
  • Bronze Antoninianus of either Victorinus & Tetricus in About Very Fine
  • Coins dating up to around 296 A.D.