Bermuda / Fiji Crown Cover

Fabulous Crown Covers with the stamp coming from Bermuda and the crown coming from Fiji, issued for the Queen’s 85th birthday and Prince Philip’s 90th birthday. Exotic stamps and exotic crowns, many of which we have never seen before. Supplies are limited, so act quickly.
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Picture of 20 FID Coin Hole Covers

20 FID Coin Hole Covers

This is something that everyone will want, either for themselves or as a present, but there is a limit of 2 Collections per order. These are beautiful First Day Covers made up between about 2002 and 2011. But there is a hole in the middle of each cover; this was to hold a crownsized coin. Mercury who issued them made more covers than coins. They had a warehouse full and we bought them. Each package is 20 different covers the vast majority of Royal interest. You have a full cover photograph and an actual stamp cancelled with a special cancellation. Some of the stamps have a face value of over £1.00. But here is the bargain you get 20 different covers all with stamps for just £8.50, which makes them 42.5 Pence each. The stamps alone are worth more in many cases. They are colourful, yes they have a hole for a coin in them, but they are 42.5 Pence each, talk about a bargain. Limit two sets per order. Each package is different, but there will be some duplication between packages. Get them while they last…

Cook Islands Crown Cover

Fabulous Crown Covers with the stamp and crown coming from Cook Islands. Issued in 2011 as part of the Lifetime of Service series. The stamp and the cover have a picture of the Queen and Prince Philip travelling in a tour car and smiling. The coin has a wedding portrait and a modern portrait of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with the lettering: QUEEN ELIZABETH II & PRINCE PHILIP A LIFETIME PARTNERSHIP