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Some items we found while stocktaking last month, we have a few more of the below items in stock. Some of them were first published a long time ago. Have a look and see if you find anything that interests you...

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Picture of Australia 10 Dollars (2017) P63 Unc Polymer Plastic

Australia 10 Dollars (2017) P63 Unc Polymer Plastic

Australia 10 dollars Blue P-New Printed on polymer plastic Banjo Paterson/ Mary Gilmore Unc
Congo, Roll of 12 Warrior Crowns Proof Silver Plated

Congo, Roll of 12 Warrior Crowns Proof Silver Plated

This fantastic set of 12 Crowns from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was issued in 2010. It depicts Warriors of the World in crownsized Proof sliver plated 10 Franc pieces. It is listed as KM201-212, but it is the first time that we have seen them or owned them. They are gleaming two-toned proofs and look just like a silver coin, but they are in fact heavily silver plated. They depict the following warriors: Ninja, Chinese, Templar Knight, English Archer, Spartan, Gladiator, Zulu, Mongolian, Centurion, Viking, Celtic & Samurai. We bought them right and we are going to sell them right. You can have the whole collection of 12 different Warrior Crowns for a very fair and reasonable price. Get in quickly at this price.
Picture of Edward I, Treasure (Canterbury) Penny 1272-1307 Fine

Edward I, Treasure (Canterbury) Penny 1272-1307 Fine

This is one of the most fantastic Treasure Trove Hoards we have ever bought. On the 10th of May 1877 at Montrave, Fifeshire, Scotland a hoard of King Edward I Silver Pennies were found. The coins are about 700 years old and the treasure was found 141 years ago! They were declared and sent to the British Museum for cataloguing. This Treasure hoard was found on the land belonging to Mr. Allan Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave. Now for the first time in 141 years, collectors have the chance to own a specimen from this incredible hoard. We are offering these Treasure Coins with a certificate at the same price I would charge for a normal Edward I Penny. But we do retain the right to raise the prices, as supplies run short. British Treasure over 700 years old and untouched for 141 years. Supplies are limited.

Edward VII, Crown 1902 Fine

1902 Coronation Crown struck in silver, the only crown of King Edward VII.
Picture of Fiji Rugby 50 Cents 2016

Fiji Rugby 50 Cents 2016

In 2016 the Fiji rugby team won Gold in the Olympics. They issued a banknote, which we have offered before, but this is the first time that we have had the coin to offer. It is a 50 Cent coin with a man seated contemplating by the ocean with the arms of Fiji on one side. The other side the Fiji rugby team raising their hands in victory. The coins are about the size of a 50p coin and struck in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. If you are into rugby you just have to have this coin, no matter which team you support. After all how many coins are there celebrating the sport of rugby? Beautiful coins and worthy of any collection.
Picture of George V, Coins of the Titanic (Sterling Silver Threepence & bronze Penny) 1912

George V, Coins of the Titanic (Sterling Silver Threepence & bronze Penny) 1912

Well not actually coins that sailed on The Titanic, as those are all at the bottom of the ocean, but rather two coins that were issued in 1912 and could have been used by people who sailed on The Titanic. The two coins are the Sterling Silver Threepence and the bronze Penny of 1912. They were both issued under King George V, who had been King for just 2 years at the time. Both coins are in Very Good condition and you get both Titanic 1912 coins for a very reasonable price.