Antoninus Pius Silver Denarius Very Fine

Born in A.D. 86 Antoninus was made Caesar after Hadrian’s preferred heir Aelius died in A.D. 138. He succeeded to the throne that year and earned the title ‘Pius’ (which means dutiful or respectful) for two reasons. Firstly, by threatening the Senate with resignation if they did not deify Hadrian. Secondly, as Hadrian had wanted, he adopted young Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius at the start of his reign. What makes him so unusual is that he presided over the most peaceful reign of any emperor, governing well and wisely as a compassionate ruler. He set up charities, built public works for his people, and brought in laws such as ‘innocent until proven guilty’; some historians have argued it could be the greatest collective human happiness in a period of time in history. In Britain, he caused the ‘Antonine Wall’ to be built from the Firth of Forth to the Firth of Clyde, north of Hadrian’s Wall, to keep the Picts out. We offer Silver Denarius of Antoninus Pius in a Very Fine condition, showing his laureate head on the obverse and various reverses.
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Hadrian was one of the ablest and conscientious of the Roman Emperors. He spent his reign visiting the vast majority of his provinces, consolidating and strengthening the Empire’s defenses after the expansion by his predecessor, Trajan. The most famous example of his work was Hadrian’s Wall! Sprawling from the River Tyne in the East, to the River Solway in the West: at 73 miles (117.5 kilometres) it is the largest Roman monument anywhere in the world! We offer a Silver Denarius of Hadrian in an About Very Fine condition showing his bust on the obverse with various reverses. Everyone has heard of Hadrian, and he is one of the five good emperors. You can now add a silver Denarius to your collection for a very reasonable price. Act quickly supplies are limited...
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Faustina Junior Denarius Very Fine

Faustina Junior was the daughter of Antoninus Pius and Faustina Senior. She was married to Marcus Aurelius and made Augusta in A.D. 147. They had 14 children over their 30-years marriage with 5 surviving to adulthood, including Commodus. Some ancient writers report adultery and worse but Aurelius gave her the title ‘Mother of the Camp’ for accompanying him in his wars and being beloved of the soldiers so this seems just rumours. She died in mysterious circumstances in A.D. 175 when Aurelius was very ill, possibly dying, and she helped persuade Avidius Cassius to declare himself emperor, likely to protect young Commodus. Aurelius recovered, Cassius was executed and she died around that time with Aurelius apparently devastated, having her deified and coins minted. Faustina Junior is a little scarcer than her mother, Faustina Senior, with more reverse types. We have a group of her silver Denarius in Very Fine with various reverses which we offer to you. She makes a lovely accompaniment to her husband in your collection or on her own merit!
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