India, Ancient India Elephant

We were offered a group of ancient Indian copper coins recently; they were issued between 59- 131 AD. They have an elephant on one side and some circles on the other side. They were very crudely struck; after all they were a very low denomination at the time. They are from Satavahanas, Pulomavi in India. We went through 2,000 coins in the hoard and picked out the best ones available. We went for the best elephants that we could find, in fact we bought only 10% of the hoard, and these were the only ones that we thought were of sufficient quality for our customers. A very old coin but it won’t cost you the earth. As the elephant is now endangered, we think this ancient coin is very appropriate.
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Picture of India, George VI 1/4 Anna 1940 Uncirculated

India, George VI 1/4 Anna 1940 Uncirculated

Of the four Monarchs who ruled over India in the 20th Century, one of the hardest to find in nice copper or bronze coins is the last one, King George VI. Don’t forget he only came to the throne in 1937 and India became Independent in 1948. During that time there was a World War and people had something else to do than collect coins. We have a nice group of King George VI 1/4 Annas on offer. These are the largest of his bronze coins issued. The coins on offer also have the first head on them and this design was only issued for three years, the coins of 1940 are on offer. They are not easy to find, and are in Uncirculated condition with original lustre. You have the crowned bust of the Monarch on one side and the denomination and date on the other side.
Picture of Roman Emperors Starter Collection (6 Coins)

Roman Emperors Starter Collection (6 Coins)

Not sure how to start collecting ancient Roman coins? We have tried to make things easy for you! This collection spans a 125 year period from A.D. 253 to A.D. 378, an era which saw the mighty Roman Empire recover from the edge of decline and disaster back to glory and grandeur. These bronze coins will comprise the emperors Gallienus, Constantine the Great, Constans, Valentinian, Constantius II and Valens. This means the coins will be at least 1640 years old! Each coin will be in nice collectable condition and clearly identifiable with a well-defined portrait of the emperor who issued it. These coins were minted and circulated across the Empire, each will come with an information sheet containing a short history of the emperor. Start collecting ancient Roman coins today with this set, or offer it to your favourite ancient history buff!
Yazdgerd I_Silver_Drachm_obv

Yazdgerd I, Silver Drachm

The Sasanians were the last ruling dynasty of the ancient Persian Empire and controlled what is now Iran from A.D. 224-651. They constantly captured and lost large areas of territory outside Iran and were a major power in Western Asia, even capturing the Roman Emperor Valerian in A.D. 260! Interestingly though they do not leave many direct sources but the rulers were keen on producing coins to spread their name, so their coinage provides a direct insight into their world and the system of mints which spanned their empire. This means we are offering you the best way to learn about these peoples and a coin for your collection! Adding to this these are high quality silver drachms, containing around 95% pure silver which is about as good as it was technically possible to achieve at that point in history. We have two small groups in an exceptional grade from the Scarce consecutive rulers Yazdgerd I and Wahram V, his son. The obverse of the coins show the bust of the ruler facing right with their name written in front and various honorary titles behind the neck. The reverse shows an altar with the holy fire guarded by two standing figures. To the left of the altar is usually the regnal year and to the right is the mint mark (siglum). Presented here is the Yazdgered I Silver Drachm. The best thing about these coins is their grade, they are virtually as struck and as good as you will get. Own an exotic piece of history from this enigmatic empire! PLEASE NOTE WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT PAYPAL AS PAYMENT FOR THIS ITEM