Ancient Greek Bronze Tanged Arrowhead

We were sorting out old stock we have recently relocated and we discovered these Ancient Greek bronze arrowheads! They date from Ca. 1000-600 B.C. and have a wide, slashing head. This meant they would have been e effective for hunting or war, which at the time was mostly fought between unarmoured warriors. While the size varies slightly they average 45 mm long with the tang that would have been socketed into a shaft to make the arrow. They come with a certificate of authenticity and are priced at only £49.50! A nearly 3000-year-old artefact! Let's hope they don't vanish before you get the chance to buy yours…
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New Zealand, 1946 Silver Threepence

We have just purchased a group of King George VI Silver Threepences from New Zealand, all were issued during World War II. This was the furthest part of the British Empire at the time and these coins must have had a heck of journey to get to New Zealand. All coins are in Fine condition and were issued between 1940 and 1946.
Picture of George III, Halfpenny, 1806/7 Very Good

George III, Halfpenny, 1806/7 Very Good

The coinage of King George III is rather strange, it is broken up into two sections, before the Currency Reform Act and after the Currency Reform Act. This Act was passed because of the shortage of coins, which the King because of his illness refused to allow to be made. So what did they do, after the Currency Reform Act of 1816 they struck Silver coins but did not bother to strike copper coins…! So the last design of King George III Halfpennies was issued in 1806 and 1807. It has the King’s bust with lauriate wreath on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. These are the last George III Halfpences ever to be struck and they were struck in copper. In Very Good condition, which means that they have seen considerable wear