Alexander Great Tetradrachm GF

Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), Silver Tetradrachm (25mm) in Good Fine Condition. Obverse: Head of Alexander as Herakles wearing lion-skin head-dress. Reverse: Zeus enthroned holding eagle and sceptre. Good Fine Condition. PHOTOGRAPH IS REPRESENTATIVE OF COIN SUPPLIED.
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Kolophon Horseman Very Fine

Ionia, Kolophon, Ca. 330–285 B.C. AE14 'Apollo & Horseman' Very Fine

Pausanias tells us Kolophon was one of the earliest Greek settlements, founded on the Ionian coast about 1000 B.C. It was based eight miles from the sea and faced East, unlike most Ionian cities, to take advantage of the fertile plain of the Kaystros. This meant instead of trading with passing ships their main product was horses, which they were also experts at riding. They were so proud of this the reverse of their bronze coins shows a horseman galloping with a lance, while the obverse depicts their principle god, Apollo. The coins were made between Ca. 330-285 B.C. The city flourished until the end of this period when the old general of Alexander the Great, Lysimachos, forced nearly all the occupants to leave so he could bolster populations on the coast. This meant the quality of the coins plummeted until the Romans arrived 300 years later. This makes these the last of the beautiful classic coins from this city for a price we think you will agree is most pleasing. Here we offer this coin in Very Fine condition. Not many in stock...
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Apollodotus II, Indo-Greek Kingdom, Ca. 80–65 B.C. Silver Drachm About Very Fine

Apollodotus II was an Indo-Greek king who ruled in the western and eastern parts of Punjab between Ca. 80–65 B.C. He was considered an important ruler who was responsible for re-establishing the Indo-Greek kingdom to much of its former glory. These silver drachms depict the bareheaded king facing right with the Greek legend around translated as ‘of King Apollodotus, the saviour’. The reverse shows Pallas/Athena Alkidemos standing left, holding a shield and hurling a thunderbolt with a monogram to the side and the Kharoshthi legend around. The slightly crude style indicates that these coins originate from the eastern part of his kingdom with more Indian influence as they were new to engraving. Grading About Very Fine, this is the first time that we have been able to offer a nice group of these coins but unfortunately, we don't have that many of them. So grab yours while stock lasts!
Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm 3rd Century B.C. Countermarked_obv

Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm 3rd Century B.C. Countermarked

Everyone has heard of Alexander the Great but most collectors only dream of owning a coin in his name. We have a small group of silver tetradrachms that were struck in his name by the Ptolemaic dynasty in the 3rd Century B.C. On one side you have the head of Herakles wearing a lion’s skin headdress and on the other Alexander’s name ‘AΛEΞANΔPOY’ in Greek script with the seated Zeus holding an eagle and sceptre. These particular coins also have a countermark of an anchor that would have allowed them to circulate in Seleukid lands, three kingdoms for the price of one! They are struck on a large flan, grade About Very Fine with some discolouration from their time spent in the ground, don’t miss out on owning an Alexander the Great Tetradrachm struck in the 3rd Century.