Elizabeth II, £10 Legends of the Ravens 2019 5 Oz PF69 Ultra Cameo

This is just a fantastic coin. A huge 5 ounce silver £10 coin issued as part of the Tower of London series by the Royal Mint. It shows the famous Raven of fable and belief. It has been slabbed and graded 69 out of 70 and Ultra Cameo. But as we always try and give you a little something extra, it is certified to be one of the First 150 pieces made. Beautiful choice Proof in gleaming silver and you save £125, but supplies are limited. The Royal Mint issue price was £420 without the cost of slabbing, our price is just £295, which saves you £125. The last time we offered one of these Specials on the 5 ounce coin it quickly sold out. Don’t miss out on this one, stock will quickly run out!
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SKU: SGM267-2739
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Elizabeth II, £2 (Helmeted Britannia) 2015 Proof 70 Ultra Cameo

In 2015 the Royal Mint issued a totally different Silver One Ounce Britannia. You have Britannia wearing a Corinthian Helmet carrying a trident and her shield with the British flag. This is just a magnificent coin and one of the most attractive that the Royal Mint has ever issued. They were sold to a marketing company in the United States, who had them slabbed. They are graded Proof 70 Ultra Cameo the finest of the fine. On top of that, it states that this coin was one of the first 1,250 struck. A beautiful coin in perfect condition and a very early strike, what more could you ask for? Supplies are very limited and at only £69.50 it should be a sell-out. Get them while you can…