George V, Year of Titanic Sovereign, 1912

In 1912 the unsinkable ship the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. It is a part of our history that has been told in books and movies. It was unbelievable, yet it actually happened. Many lives were lost and many tails of heroism have come out of that horrible happening. We were recently offered a group of 1912 Gold Sovereigns, the same year of issue that the ship sailed for the first time and just didn’t make it. Memorabilia from that ship brings fantastic monies. We are not in any way saying that any of these coins are connected to the Titanic; were simply saying that they were issued the year the ship was launched and sank. The new Monarch, King George V is on the obverse and St. George slaying the dragon is on the reverse. They were struck in 22ct gold and carry the date 1912. They weigh about 8 grams and are in Uncirculated condition. An interesting coincidence if nothing else…
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