Victoria, Shilling 1887 About Uncirculated

We have a nice little box full of Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee Head Shillings. These are coins that we would call About Uncirculated and we guess most coin dealers would call Uncirculated. As they have come in, in collections and purchases over the counter, we have placed them in my little box. They are almost nice enough to be called Uncirculated, but they are too nice to just sell as Extremely Fine, if you know what we mean. They are struck in Sterling Silver and this design was only used for two years, 1887 and 1888. The coins are very nice and we think you will like the price as well, but remember it is only a little box and supplies are limited…
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Picture of George VI, Silver & Brass Threepence 1937 Unc

George VI, Silver & Brass Threepence 1937 Unc

In 1937 for the Coronation of King George VI the Royal Mint issued a new coin the Brass Threepence. While they still issued the silver threepence, the brass threepence was the way they were going to go. We are offering the 1937 Coronation threepence in both silver and brass. They are available in Uncirculated condition. First year of issue, Coronation issues struck both in silver, and for the first time, in brass. It just goes to show you what inflation will do. Both King George VI Coronation threepences, silver and brass.
Picture of Victoria, Jubilee Head Florin Extremely Fine

Victoria, Jubilee Head Florin Extremely Fine

In 1887 Queen Victoria allowed her portrait to be changed from the Young Head to the Jubilee Head portrait. The coins were struck in Sterling Silver and the most difficult denomination to find is the Florin. Don’t forget the Florin as a denomination only came into being in 1849. The coins on offer are in Extremely Fine condition, which is a very high grade and based on some of the prices I have seen being asked at coin fairs, are very expensive. Well our coins are not that highly priced, we have been building up our little inventory for a couple of years and they were bought right, so we are going to sell them right. But the Florin is the most difficult denomination to get, especially in Extremely Fine condition.

George V, 2nd type Silver Shilling 1927 Circulated

When you joined the services, it was said that you ‘took the King’s shilling’. So it is appropriate that this issue we offer ‘The King’s Shilling’. There were two distinct types of these George V Shillings. From 1920-1926 they carried on with the design used on the Sterling Silver coinage. From 1927-1936 the design was changed to a Lion proudly standing on a crown. Presented here is 2nd type of the 1927 'King's Shilling'. The coins is in selected circulated condition and struck in .500 silver.