Scotland, £8 Christmas Staffa 1981 (The Angel)

We have found this wonderful Staffa Gold, just in time for Christmas. Staffa is one of the Scottish islands and it issues its own stamps. This is an £8.00 stamp issued in 22ct gold foil in 1981. It features an Angel in the sky on this oversized large gold foil stamp. Now, these stamps are issued for local posting only, but it comes in a red gold embossed folder with a green inner. What could be more appropriate for Christmas than a gold foil Angel stamp in a red and green presentation folder? This stamp is now 35 years old. The face value was £8.00, the presentation folder cost a bunch and then there is the gold foil. So we think our price of just £14.50 is very reasonable and what a fantastic Christmas gift it would make for a collector or a youngster.
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