Northern Ireland

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N Ireland Danske Bank £20 2012 P213 Unc

Danske Bank £20 2012 P-New Blue Ferguson at r and tractor at l/ Bank pediment Unc

N Ireland Ulster Bank £20 2014 Unc

Ulster Bank Limited £20 2014 P342 Mauve and pink on white Wheat Stacks, docks and Giant's Causeway Unc

N Ireland Ulster Bank £5 2018 (2019) P-New Polymer Unc

Ulster Bank £5 2018 P-New Issued on polymer plastic Printed vertically Flowers/ Seashore with children on beach. Unc

Northern Ireland, Belfast Banking Co £5 1942 (Uncirculated)

1942 (P127b) Lovely example of this wartime Fiver; crisp, uncirculated and thus scarce.