New Stock October 2021 (British Coins)

I finally got around to uploading the missing coins that were supposed to go up last month. But don't worry, I probably won't be 'bothering' you with newsletters featuring Rare British coins anytime soon, as we're heading to the holiday period and things tend to get busy on other fronts that also require my attention.

So make the most out of what's been offered in these last two uploads, because it's unlikely that I will be able to choose coins for another upload anytime soon.

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1672 Crown Fine_obv

Charles II, Crown 1672 Fine

edge V. Quarto, Fine
Edward I, 1272-1307, Long Cross Penny. London Mint. Class 2b_obv

Edward I, Penny Long Cross (London Mint) Class 2b VF

SC380. c.1280. N's are reversed. Full flan, toned and Very Fine.
Edward I, 1272-1307, Long Cross Penny. London Mint. Class 3d. Good Very Fine_obv

Edward I, Penny Long Cross (London Mint) Class 3d. Good Very Fine

c.1280-1281. Good Very Fine with a captivating portrait.
George IV_Halfpenny_1827_obv

George IV, Halfpenny 1827

Obverse: Laureate head facing left, Reverse: Britannia seated with shield and trident. About Uncirculated but a few small edge nicks.
1827 Halfpenny_obv

George IV, Halfpenny 1827 Unc

Obverse with attractive blue tone, reverse with lots of lustre. Uncirculated.
George IV, 1826 Penny Unc_obv

George IV, Penny 1826 Unc

Uncirculated with traces of lustre.