New Stock October 2021

Our New Stock upload is particularly 'crown heavy', and if you collect Crowns you will be glad to know that this new stock upload has a few interesting crowns, for you to have a look at.

But this upload is not only about crowns, for British Coin collectors we also have a fantastic George VI Sixpence WWII Complete Date Collection, as well as a very fine example of a Valentinian I Victory Bronze coin in Very Fine for ancient coin collectors.

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Croatia, Mint Set

This mint set comes from Croatia and is made up of 4 coins, the 1, 2, 5 & 10 Lipa. They were issued between 1997-2001 when the Croation currency was quite strong. All coins listed are in Uncirculated condition and many have now been replaced with different coins, making these rather interesting and difficult to get.
£2 (End World War II 1995) Silver Proof_rev

Elizabeth II, £2 (End World War II) 1995 Silver Proof

In 1995 the Royal Mint celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II with a commemorative £2 piece. You have the Dove of Peace on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. Remember this coin is one of the old large sized £2 pieces. For collectors the Mint issued this commemorative £2 in Sterling Silver Proof and for VIP collectors they issued it in Piedfort or double the normal thickness Sterling Silver Proof. It is both of these Silver pieces that we are now offering you. Each Sterling Silver Proof coin comes in a protective capsule.
Elizabeth II, £5 (Victoria's 200th Anniversary) 2019 Silver Piedfort Proof 69 Ultra Cameo_obv

Elizabeth II, £5 (Victoria's 200th Anniversary) 2019 Silver Piedfort Proof 69 Ultra Cameo

Unfortunately, the Silver Piedfort Proof 70 Ultra Cameo examples of this coin are no longer available. But Steve found a few examples of this £5 Silver Piedfort issued in 2019 struck to honour the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria in Proof 69 Ultra Cameo recently. These coins feature the usual portrait of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The reverse, in this case, is perhaps more interesting. It shows the portrait of Queen Victoria as used on her Young Head coinage. A steam train, telephone, steamship, and a Penny Farthing bicycle. All things that were invented in her reign. This crownsized £5 comes in Sterling Silver Piedfort or double the normal thickness. A company in America bought the first coins struck by the Royal Mint and then had them slabbed. These Proof 69 Ultra Cameo, were slabbed not only for the grade but also for the fact that they were one of the first 250 coins struck. Forget that, that is a bonus for you. The slab is in a plush display case with a certificate and booklet. We can offer them to you for £110.00.
1953 Crown Brand New Choice Unc_obv

Elizabeth II, Crown 1953 Choice Unc (Brand New)

We have just bought an original case of 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Crowns and they are Brand New. There were 175 coins in their original black plastic cases as issued for schools and others to be given away in 1953. They were in the original card board box as sent out by the Royal Mint. These are beautiful Choice Uncirculated examples that have never been out of their original carton since they were issued 68 years ago. With a Jubilee coming up next year these are even more relevant today. We have never had them in the original carton in the past, most of the pieces that we have had were almost perfect. These are prefect as issued 68 years ago and never taken out of their packaging. Get them while you can you might never see them like this again. After all this is the first time we have ever seen them!
Picture of Elizabeth II, Royal Mint 1987 Set Brilliant Unc

Elizabeth II, Royal Mint 1987 Set Brilliant Unc

In 1987 the Royal Mint issued the ‘Uncirculated’ set of the then current coins. We say Uncirculated but, in fact, they are much better quality, they are Specimens or Prooflike examples. The 1987 Mint Set includes: The English Pound, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. The only problem for collectors is that the 1987 10p and 50p coins were not struck for circulation. That means that if you want either of these two coins then you will have to break up a set. This 1987 Mint Set comes in a full-colour folder with lots of interesting information about the coins.
Picture of George III, Crown Very Good

George III, Crown Very Good

In 1816 the government made all of the older coins no longer legal tender. They then issued a whole series of new coins, which were of course legal tender. This is the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued for King George III. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were issued only from 1818-1820. This coin is now proving very hard to get and it has been some time since we last had enough to offer them. Dates of our choice, but we offer them here in Very Good condition. A very important coin as it was the first of the ‘new’ coinage to be struck.