New Stock June 2021

Once upon a time, we were told we could leave the country to travel to 'green listed' destinations only to find out that we could really only go to Iceland, The Faroe Islands, or Gibraltar. Because all the other destinations were either too far away, too remote, or places where they either didn't want us to go or that we wouldn't want to visit anyway. So it really is looking like a Great British Summer to us!

But of course, as coin collectors, we can always escape to a different country and to a different time period at any time, and we are used to looking back at the past and contemplate things that used to be and no longer are... So, since we can't travel abroad, we invite you to browse our new stock and look at some 'Once upon a time' events with coins. Plenty of new items are still to come, so do watch this space...

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Belgium Pre-Euro 8 Coin Set

Before the introduction of the Euro, Belgium like all the other countries, issued its own coinage. We have put together a nice collection of 8 different Belgium preEuro coins. They are in selected circulated condition and who knows, if the Euro goes to hell they just might need these coins again. You get 25c, 50c, 1 Francs, 2 different 5 Francs, 10 Francs, 20 Francs and 50 Francs. You get all 8 different Belgium coins in selected circulated condition for just £4.95. Putting these together took well over a year and who knows when we will get any more.

Black Irish One Pence Cufflinks

These Irish One Pence cufflinks are from the Heritage range, that used to be sold in hotel lobbies for £50.00 the pair. That was the British Heritage coin jewellery range. You get two real Irish pennies, the coins they used before the Euro made into two cufflinks ready for wearing. They will appeal to coin collectors whether they are Irish or not. Here we present the Cufflinks in Black.

Edward VII, Shilling 1909 Circulated

Edward VII’s reign was very short, as he had to wait for his Mother, Queen Victoria, to pass before he could become King. Coins for this Monarch were only issued from 1902-1910. The coins on offer here are 1909 Shillings, which of course were given to individuals when they joined the Services. You were said to take the King’s Shilling. All 1909 coins available are in Very Good – Fine condition and struck in Sterling Silver, which is the finest silver that coins actually meant to be used were struck in.
Edward VIII_New_Guinea_Patina_obv

Edward VIII, New Guinea Brass

The Edward VIII pieces from New Guinea feature their magnificent bird, the Bird of Paradise. It was about the time of his reign that they discovered in the middle of Papua New Guinea over one million people that they didn’t know existed. It is a rather mysterious and exciting country and one that is unknown to most of us. We can offer the crownsized Edward VIII medallic patterns from New Guinea. They are one of the most beautiful of the series and not the easiest to find. Available in Uncirculated Brass

Elizabeth II, £1 1986 Silver Proof

Richard came across these two 1986 Silver Proof British coins the other day while going through the vaults. They are the 1986 Sterling Silver Proof Pounds, this is the older design when coins were all one metal through and through. The other coin is the same coin but a Piedfort or double the normal thickness, double the amount of Sterling Silver. These Piedforts are known as the VIP edition. These have the Northern Ireland reverse, the reverse used in 1986. At auctions we have seen prices for these modern Royal Mint Proofs show very strong results. We know most dealers do not have a stock, so probably that these early Royal Mint silver coins will really start to be collected. Get them while you can, we have not increased our prices.

Elizabeth II, £1 1991 Silver Proof

A palindrome is a number that reads the same from right to left as it does from left to right. In this case, the date is 1991 whichever way you read it. In 1991 the Royal Mint issued a special collectors edition of the Pound coin, it was struck in Proof Sterling Silver. It had a flax plant on it to honour Northern Ireland. These 1991 Sterling Silver Proof Pounds are rather handsome and have the so-called Maklouf bust of the Queen on them. You too can be a VIP when you order one of these VIP coins.