New Stock December 2020

Let's face it, 2020 wasn't a great year for anyone... but still, we are looking forward to what remains of this year, the Christmas holidays, the end of this year, and the start of a new year!  

The highlights of this new upload reflect just that: we have a 2015 Helmeted Britannia, offered at an EXCELLENT price! Next year's 2021 Britannia, a 6-coin Roman Emperors Starter Collection ideal for those looking to start an ancient roman coin collection, or for those of you still shopping for Christmas presents. The "first Brexit 50p" ever made, a Mini Bag of 10 BU Halfpennies, to play Shove Ha'penny with your loved ones during the Christmas holidays.

But there are many more interesting items available in our new stock upload, and more Numismatic Christmas Gifts for you to purchase will be offered in the week leading up to Christmas, so do watch this space...

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First Day Covers

20 Royal First Day Coin Cover without coins

Steve found 20 different First Day Covers ready to put coins but no coins! We have just 50 sets of 20 different FDC’s issued in some way with a Royal connection. Each cover has beautiful photograph, most are in full colour and a handsome and in some case quite a high value stamp. The stamp has been cancelled on the First Day of Issue. There are no coins, but there is a hole in each cover, which you could fill with a coin if you wanted.

Congo, 10 Francs (Mongolian Warrior) 2010

This handsome silvered crown of 10 Francs was issued by Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2010. You have a Mongolian Warrior on horseback galloping ahead wearing his plumed helmet, holding his flag as he charges forward. I think it is a very striking looking coin and one that you will be happy with. It is silvered so it looks like solid silver and is a gleaming Proof crown or 10 Francs. It is beautiful…

Constans Billion Maiorina

Constans. A.D. 337-350. Billion Maiorina
1973_ECC_50 Pence_BU_obv

Elizabeth II, (ECC) 50 Pence 1973 BU

Let’s be honest, forget all the bull that is being given out, this was the first Brexit coin. It is an old large-sized 50 Pence which was issued in 1973. It was the first-ever commemorative 50 Pence pieces, the series they are issuing today are based on this coin. It was issued to honour our joining the European Economic Community or EU for short. In 1973 we joined it, in 2021 we are finally rid of it. They were only issued in cupro-nickel but in both Uncirculated and Proof condition. Without this coin, we could never have a coin for leaving the EU, if you aren’t a member you cannot resign. Much underappreciated even though it was our first-ever commemorative 50p, which is now 47 years old. We can offer it in Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof and Proof with the Royal Mint case. The choice is yours.

Elizabeth II, £2 (Helmeted Britannia) 2015 Proof 70 Ultra Cameo

In 2015 the Royal Mint issued a totally different Silver One Ounce Britannia. You have Britannia wearing a Corinthian Helmet carrying a trident and her shield with the British flag. This is just a magnificent coin and one of the most attractive that the Royal Mint has ever issued. They were sold to a marketing company in the United States, who had them slabbed. They are graded Proof 70 Ultra Cameo the finest of the fine. On top of that, it states that this coin was one of the first 1,250 struck. A beautiful coin in perfect condition and a very early strike, what more could you ask for? Supplies are very limited and at only £69.50 it should be a sell-out. Get them while you can…

Elizabeth II, £2 (Oriental Border Britannia) 2018 Choice Proof

The Royal Mint has been issuing the one ounce Britannia with an oriental decoration. They haven’t been advertising it, we usually get some from one of our wholesalers. I have always thought that it is a beautiful coin and the ones we were allocated have always quickly sold out. Now we have some of the Oriental design in Proof condition and are they beautiful. We have just 53 pieces of the 2018 Oriental Design Silver Britannia in Proof condition. All the coins have been slabbed and once they are gone, they are gone. I think they are beautiful and no collector should be without one. But that won’t happen as we only have 53 pieces in stock. Don’t miss out on them…