New Stock British Coins October 2020

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Anne, Crown 1707E

Anne (1702-14) Crown, Post Union with Scotland, 1707 E (Edinburgh) below bust. Good Very Fine and a nice coin.
Charles I_Abweystwyth_2_Pence_obv

Charles I, Aberystwyth Two Pence 1638-42

Charles I (1625-49), Halfgroat (2d) Aberystwyth Mint 1638-42. Bust as Tower Mint type, large plume on reverse, no inner circles. Mint mark Book.

Charles II, Shilling 1663

Charles II (1660-85) Shilling, First Bust, 1663 (normal die axis) Extremely Fine very Prooflike with beautiful toning Rare
Edward IV_Groat_obv

Edward IV Groat, London Mint, Mm Crown

Edward IV (1461-83) Light Coinage, Groat, London Mint, mintmark Crown. Good Very Fine with a well struck portrait.
George II_1741_Halfcrown_ Roses_obv

George II, Halfcrown 1741 Roses

George II (1727-60), Halfcrown 1741, Young laureate and draped bust left. Roses in angles on reverse.

George II, Halfcrown 1745 Roses

George II (1727-60), Halfcrown 1745, Old draped bust left, roses in angles on reverse.