New Stock August 2021

This has been a very interesting Summer for sport, first, we had the Euros and now we have the Olympics. Although all of this should've happened last year...

But better late than never, right? And now that England managed to reach the final of the Euros tournament, we are happy that Team GB are making us proud in these Olympics too.

To celebrate the arrival of the Olympics in Tokyo we've decided to offer our collectors the chance to acquire some Olympic items in this upload: A 1908 London Olympic Games Official Commemorative Medal, and a 1912 Bronze Plaque depicting the view of the Stockholm Olympic stadium. Many items available here have limited availability but remember that we only have one of each of the Olympic items, so be quick to checkout page if you want them.

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2003 Set of 4 Bridge Pattern Pounds in Silver

In 2003 the Royal Mint issued a set of four pattern Silver Proof Pounds of Bridges. Instead of ‘Pound’ each coin is inscribed with the word ‘Pattern’. The four patterns come in a blue Royal Mint case with an informative booklet about the four bridges. In later years the Mint actually issued all four of these patterns as actual coins complete with the word ‘Pound’ on them. This makes this set the cheapest and we think, one of the most important groups of patterns that the Mint has ever issued. The four Sterling Silver patterns are for the Forth Bridge, Menai Bridge, Egyptian Bridge, and Millennium Bridge. We can offer this incredible collection of four Royal Mint pattern Pounds for just £275 that works out to less than £70 per pattern. We have spent 2 years putting these 5 sets together. We also sell the actual silver coins. Think of the display you could put on, silver proof Patterns and then the actual silver proof coins that were issued. But only 5 sets available.
Picture of 60 Pocket Coin Album

60 Pocket Coin Album

60 pocket coin albums with padded cover, small enough to fit in your pocket or briefcase. Many collectors like this smaller-sized album to store their collection. You get 10 pages, each of which holds 6 coins. Each opening has a finger hole at the bottom to help push the coin out that you want.

Audrey Hepburn 5 Medal Collection

Audrey Hepburn was a famous actress, 1929-1993, who was perhaps best known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I will always remember her for her role in My Fair Lady, she went from Covent Garden flower seller to a lady. We have been able to buy a small quantity of a wonderful collection of five full-colour medallions honouring Audrey Hepburn. Each crownsized medal has a different picture of Ms Hepburn from one of her films. They are in beautiful proof condition and the collection comes in a handsome presentation case. The reverse has her smoking a cigarette in a very long holder with a rose. The obverse has her and the line ‘I just do my thing’. The medals are gold plated and you get all five medals, each in a protective plastic case in the presentation case for just £19.50. She was a fine actress and this is a wonderful remembrance at a most reasonable price… Less than £5 each!
Canada, 'V' 5 Cents 1943  Gem Unc_obv

Canada, 5 Cents 1943 'V' Gem Unc

These five-cent coins were issued in Canada in tombac metal only in 1943. It had a ‘V’ on it for victory in the Second World War, something that was to come slightly later. These coins are of beautiful quality and were put away the year they were issued almost 80 years ago. They catalogue up to $150 in top condition. We don’t know much about numerical grading, but we know that these coins are the best that we have seen. We have graded them Brilliant Uncirculated and Gem Brilliant Uncirculated and priced them at what we think are fair prices for such beautiful and important type coins

Collection of 6 Proof Sacagawea US Dollars

Sacagawea was a Lemhi Shoeshone Indian born in 1788. She was an explorer and is best known for guiding Lewis and Clark on their mapping of the Louisiana Territory in the United States. At the time she was only 16 years old and it was because of her that we got to know so much about the territory that would eventually become states in the United States. Starting in 2000 and for eight years the US Mint issued a dollar coin honouring Sacagawea. The Indian maiden is on the one side and the American Bald Eagle on the other side. We have put together a collection of six different dates of Sacagawea Dollars and in Proof condition. A beautiful collection and not easy to put together especially in Proof condition. Get them while you can …

Constantius Gallus Bronze Coin in Very Fine

Continuing our series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty we offer Constantius Gallus, the tyrannical nephew of Constantine I. Born in Etruria around A.D. 325 Gallus was sickly, saving him in A.D. 337 from the purges by the sons of Constantine I. By A.D. 351 Constantius II was ruling alone and needed support. He raised his cousin Gallus to the rank of Caesar, gave him the name Constantius and appointed him governor over the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. But Gallus was not fit for the job. He was so tyrannical and brutal that the local citizens were forced to complain directly to Constantius II to avoid retribution. Constantius recalled Gallus to Italy, had him arrested on the journey, tried and executed in AD 354! As he only reigned three years Gallus is the hardest to find of all the Constantinian ruling dynasty. These coins offered here in Very Fine, show a soldier spearing a fallen horseman on the reverse with a profile bust of Constantius Gallus on the obverse. Gallus will be missing from many collections and our supplies are very limited, do not miss out!