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Australia, $5 Front Line Angels, 1965

This is a fantastic coin issued to honour all those Nurses who served in the Military in Australia. To make it even more interesting it is triangular shaped. You have a full colour drawing of a nurse on one side with the legend ‘Devotion’ and the crosses where the dead are buried and the denomination 5 Dollars. The obverse has H. M. Queen Elizabeth II the date 2017 and Australia. They are Proof 99.9% pure Silver in the original cases with the certificate. They made 10,000 of them and they weigh 22.23 grams. They might make great presents for a Nurse you know...

Bermuda, Elizabeth II, $5 Silver, 2014

In 2014 the island nation of Bermuda issued a special commemorative crownsized $5.00, it was for H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. We have the beautiful Sterling Silver Proof version to offer you and at what I think is a most reasonable price too. You have Queen Elizabeth II standing next to flags of the British Commonwealth and it reads ‘Dedication from Promise a Family of Nations’. The obverse has the crowned bust of the Queen. I don’t know how much this Sterling Silver Proof was issued for, but today the Royal Mint charges today about £82 for a silver proof crown. These come in a protective capsule and are very attractive and I assume low mintage, because they are too new to have made the catalogues.

East Caribbean States, $10 commemorative, 1981. BU Prooflike

Crown-sized $10 commemorative issued in 1981 to for the World Food Day, 16 October.

Elizabeth II, £2 DNA Silver Piedfort Proof, 2003

As many of you know DNA is the building block of life. In 2003, The Royal Mint celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the Double Helix by Francis Crick and James Watson. The Royal Mint did a Special Collector’s edition in Proof Sterling Silver in Piedfort or Double Thick Sterling Silver Proof and this is the coin we are offering. The mintage was a maximum of 10,000 pieces and each coin is in a protective capsule. It can be yours at just £65.00.

Elizabeth II, 50 Pence EU Uncirculated, 1973

In 1973 we were still using the old large size 50 Pence coin. In 1973 the Royal Mint issued it’s first ever commemorative 50 Pence coin. At that time you could only buy the proof version in cupro-nickel, how times have changed. No silver, no silver piedfort, no gold, no platinum just the base metal the coin was issued in, but it did come in a red leatherette case. So what happened? Just as you suspected, everyone wanted one of the new commemorative Fifty Pence pieces in Proof condition, so that even today they are not all that hard to get. But the error that most collectors made was in not putting aside this first commemorative coin in Uncirculated condition… Because we now know that the 1973 Fifty Pence piece is much scarcer in Uncirculated condition than the Proof coin. So when we bought a small group the other month we were delighted, after all we know that this coin is scarce and missing from many collections. But just because it is Scarce in this condition does not mean that it will cost you a fortune. If you have the Proof you just might want to add an Uncirculated example to your collection as well. The Uncirculated Coin is Scarcer Than the Proof!

Elizabeth II, EU 50p Silver Proof Piedfort, 1998

In 1973 they issued a commemorative 50 Pence to honour our membership in the European Union or EU. In 1998 they issued a second EU 50 Pence to honour our 25th Anniversary of membership of the European Union. In 1973 they issued the coins in cupronickel and cupronickel Proof, in 1998 they issued them in cupronickel, Sterling Silver Proof and Sterling Silver Proof Piedfort. Offered here is the Sterling Silver Proof Coin. The design is a group of star-shaped flowers with stars in the middle to represent the EU membership, today they would have to picture a jungle of flowers.

Elizabeth II, Roll of 20 1953 Crowns Ext Fine

In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II had her Coronation and the Royal Mint issued her first-ever Crown, her Coronation Crown. As her Majesty is now 93 years old and this crown is within 4 years of being 70 years old it is rather important. 20 years ago because of a promotion by one of the marketing companies, the wholesale price on this crown was £10.00 and at that price, we could have sold thousands if we had them. We have just bought a nice group of the 1953 Coronation Crown in Extremely Fine condition. We are selling them for just £9.95 each which is less than we could have sold them wholesale more than 20 years ago, demand will increase greatly. We sell nothing as an investment, but these are fantastic crowns and fantastic buys. Worth having a few as souvenirs…

George V, Silver Florin, 1922

Tutankhamun’s tomb is discovered by Howard Carter, giving rise to the story of the Curse of Tutankhamun. The world’s largest hydroelectric station opens in Canada near Niagara Falls. Mahatma Gandhi is jailed for six years for civil disobedience. It is 1922 and our King is George V, our coinage is still being struck in Silver, although it is only 500 fine since 1920 and Mussolini and his Black Shirt march on Rome. To commemorate this year we are offering the hardest denomination of 1922 to get the Silver Florin. This is also the year that the ‘Flapper Girl’ takes America by storm. The 1922 Florins on offer are in Very Good to Fine condition and are now some 97 years old. Treat yourself, after all, haven’t you always wanted to live during the time of the flappers?

George VI, Farthing Brilliant Uncirculated, 1942

First issue (1937-48) Farthing of George VI dated 1942 with title IND:IMP.

India, 50th Anniversary Medal

This is an incredible item. It is based on the British Trade Dollar and the dies were actually engraved by the Royal Mint. It is for the 50th anniversary of the Independence of India from Britain 1947-1997. It is full crownsized and struck in Proof cupro-nickel. On one side you have the standing figure of Britannia holding a trident and a shield with a sailing ship in the background. On the other side, you have a full-colour picture of Jawaharlal Nehru superimposed over a map of India. It comes in a protective capsule and is now 21 years old. We bought them recently and feel that they very important, unfortunately, the available supply was very limited. The Royal Mint did a brilliant job on the engraving.

Ireland, Edward VII Copper Crowned

These Proof Double Florin sized pieces are retro-patterns, showing what the coinage might have looked like, had it been issued. You have the crowned bust of King Edward VII on one side and a crowned harp within a series of arches on the other side with the retro date 1901. The mintages on these handsome pieces was only 425 in each metal. We have on the Copper examples. They are beautiful, they are Proof, the mintages are low and so are their prices. How can you lose? Add one or more to your collection today, before they sell out…

New Zealand, George VI Type Set

A couple of issues ago we ran the George V silver type set of New Zealand coins, this issue we offer the King George VI silver type set. Because they are newer coins, they will be in slightly better condition than the George V set. All the coins were issued between 1937-1946 and you get the Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence all struck in silver plus the Penny and Halfpenny in Bronze. In fact these were the last New Zealand coins struck in silver for general circulation. The population of New Zealand is rather small so they didn’t have to make so many coins and remember these are the last silver coins of New Zealand.

Niue, (Year of the Rooster) 5 Ounce Silver

The small island nation of Niue in the South Pacific issued a beautiful coin for the Chinese year of the Rooster. It contains five (5) ounces of 999 fine silver and is in Proof condition. You have a rooster and a hen and their chicks on one side, one in silver and one highlighted in gold. It comes in a protective capsule in a wooden presentation box. Best of all is the mintage, just 500 pieces were ever made. We were able to obtain only 10 examples and they should sell quickly.

Somalia, 25 Shillings Churchill Millennium Icon

The African nation of Somalia issued a group of crownsized coins to honour famous people. Not everyone of them was a hero, but they were famous and well known. For this issue we can offer Winston Churchill our hero Prime Minister during the Second World War, in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Struck in cupro-nickel you have a portrait on one side and the arms of Somalia on the other side. Each piece is full crownsized and Brilliant Uncirculated condition, getting harder and harder to find.

St. Thomas & Prince Scarce Crown

In 1985St. Thomas & Prince issued a cupro-nickel crown or 100 Dobras to honour their 10th anniversary of Independence. It is a small and fascinating island, however, getting coins or banknotes from there is almost impossible. Two banknote dealers who went there were put in jail accused of money laundering. So this Crown is even more interesting and important. I think it is the first crown we have had from St. Thomas & Prince. You have an outline picture of the island on one side and the coat of arms on the reverse with two birds holding it up. A most unusual and difficult crown to find, in fact, most of this country's coins are difficult to obtain...

United States of America, Los Angeles Police Department Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is for the Los Angeles Police Department. You have a Police badge on one side with an American flag in red, white and blue behind it. The other side has Saint Michael the patron saint of law enforcement. It is full crownsized and coloured on one side. We were only allowed to buy 100 pieces and once they are gone…

United States of America, Marines Special Operations Challenge Coin

US Marines Special Ops Command Challenge Coin, full crownsized with the Marine Corp emblem set on to the tip of a black spearhead in red, black, and gold within a red ring. The other side has the Marine emblem in gold colour set in a blue ring. Supplies for this piece are very limited...

United States of America, Rugged American Collection

The last time we had this set for sale it did very well. It was issued by the Canadian company ‘Husky Self Service Stations’ in 1970. They were struck by the famous, but no longer making coins, Franklin Mint. Each copper medallion depicts a famous figure from the old West and the collection comes with a booklet telling you who each one is and what they did. Plus a presentation card for displaying the whole collection. Each medallion is still in the original cellophane envelope that it was issued in. You get an eight-page information booklet which not only tells you about the person on the medallion but also an image of how they looked. Plus, a 4-page leaflet telling you about the issue of these medallions. Finally, a full-colour cardboard display card to mount and show off the entire collection of 13 pieces. The ‘cowboys’ depicted are: Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, Bat Masterson, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The Native Americans depicted are: Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Black Hawk, Sacajawea and Crazy Horse. There are a total of 13 different bronze medallions all in pristine, unopened, new condition. And remember this set is 48 years old! Don’t miss out on this one.

Victorian, Silver Crown, 1891

In 1891 this country survived what is known as ‘The Great Blizzard of 1891’. More than 14 ships were sunk and on land more than 220 died. Queen Victoria was on the throne and it was just 4 years after her Golden Jubilee. The largest silver coin issued at the time was the Crown or Five Shilling piece. It had the Jubilee Head bust of Queen Victoria on the obverse and St. George slaying the dragon on the reverse. These 38mm Crowns were struck in Sterling Silver. We can offer the 1891 Queen Victoria Blizzard Crowns in Very Good – Fine condition. Collectors will know that this is not all that easy a date to get. So jump in while our supplies last and get yourself an 1891 Queen Victoria Silver Crown.

World War II, Fire Service Crown Cover

These were issued in 2010 to honour those who served the cause in World War II, in this case the Fire Service but perhaps were forgotten. The cover has a 97p British stamp on it, a full-colour representation and a Proof Crown of Gibraltar. Our supplies are very limited. Once they are gone, they are gone…