Elizabeth I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) Very Good

The obverse has a complete outline of the portrait. The reverse has a clear shield and date.
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Victoria, Half Sovereign (Jubilee Head) 1890

We are now offering you the opportunity to acquire this fantastic and difficult-to-find 1890 Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Half Sovereign. We are offering them on a quick turnover basis, not for the £315 we would normally charge but while they last at just £285 each, a £30.00 saving. We do not sell anything as an investment, but in this quality, these dates, and especially this price, we think they are well worth having. It has been years since we had such a fantastic offer for you. As supplies, especially at this price, are limited, We advise you to order quickly. Please think about it, at this price this is a wonderful offer. Don’t miss out on these Jubilee Head Half Sovereigns!
Penny (Canterbury) Fine_obv

Edward I, Penny (Canterbury) Fine

Edward I ruled from 1272-1307 and the Penny was struck in Silver. This coin is from a hoard we bought that had been found in Montrave, Scotland. It has been declared and therefore the coins are legal to own. We do not deal in coins that have not been declared. We have a number of different mints in stock and some of the coins are available in two different grades. Here we offer the Edward I penny from the Canterbury Mint in Fine. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity and remember they are over 700 years old. The supply is very limited, a great piece of British silver history at a most reasonable price.
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George VI, Sixpence 1945 Gem BU

This coin was struck the year before the last silver Sixpence ever was struck, so the 1945 Sixpence is the Penultimate Silver Sixpence. It was issued under King George VI and just after the end of World War II. There is something about a coin struck in silver, they just look and feel great. These coins were put away in 1945 and therefore are in outstanding condition. We have them in the two highest grades you can get; this particular one is the Gem Uncirculated variant. We know you will love them.