Edward II 1307 - 1327

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Edward II, Penny Fine_obv

Edward II, Penny Fine

Edward II was the 4th child of Edward I, he came to the throne in 1307 and was deposed in 1327. Some say it was because of sexual interests others say it was because of his defeat by Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn. His was a short period as King and the largest coin struck was the Silver Penny. We have accumulated a small group in two different grades. These coins are very similar to those of his Father only distinguishable for slight changes to the details of the dies. Not an easy monarch to get coins from and these Silver Pennies are the largest denomination struck by King Edward II.
Edward II, 1307-1327, Long Cross Penny. Durham Mint under Bishop Kallawe. Class 11b1_obv

Edward II, Penny Long Cross (Durham Mint under Bishop Kellawe) Class 11b1.

c.1310-1314. Reverse has a crozier as one limb of the cross. An excellent portrait piece, deeply toned and on a full flan, rare.