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Elizabeth II, Churchill Crown Uncirculated, 1965

A commemorative coin issued in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill. The obverse feautures a young laureate bust of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, with the ledgend around and the date below. The reverse has a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill in a siren suit facing right.
Picture of Elizabeth II, The Last 5 Crowns Collection

Elizabeth II, The Last 5 Crowns Collection

Includes Churchill, Silver Wedding, Silver Jubilee, Queen Mother's Birthday and Charles & Diana Wedding Crowns.
Picture of George VI, World War II Remembered Set

George VI, World War II Remembered Set

This is a fantastic new collection of coins, stamps and a banknote from World War II. It is exclusive to Coincraft and there were only 5,000 sets made. They make excellent gifts and are rather handsome. You get a set of 4 British coins of King George VI that actually circulated during the Second World War; all coins are dated 1937-1945. They consist of the Brass Threepence, Penny, Halfpenny, and Farthing. You also get the 1943 United States Cent struck in steel; it was only ever struck for one year. Plus a Cent dated 1944-1946 which was made from melted down shell cases. You get a Churchill crown, as he was our wartime Prime Minister. You also get a large-sized 1 Lire coin from Italy dated 1940, the year they declared war against Great Britain. Plus you get a pair of mint stamps for the Liberation of the Channel Islands with King George VI’s portrait. Plus two mint stamps from the United States showing the overrun nations of The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Plus a stamp issued by this country just after the War, where they reduced the colour to save ink. Finally, you get a large-sized 10 Rupee note from Burma, issued while it was under Japanese occupation. Don’t miss out on this fantastic collection.
Picture of Isle of Man, Winston Churchill 100th Birthday

Isle of Man, Winston Churchill 100th Birthday

In 1974 the Isle of Man issued a One Crown, crownsized coin for the Centenary of Churchill 1874-1974. It has H. M. the Queen on the obverse. It is a much better designed and struck than our own Royal Mint Churchill crown. But there was a whole heck of lot less Isle of Man Churchill crowns struck than Royal Mint crowns. They were struck in cupro-nickel by our own Pobjoy Mint and are denominated as ‘One Crown’. It is a coin that we have not had for quite a long time and even now we have only 75 coins in stock. Get while you can, especially if you are a Churchill collector.

Roll of Churchill Crowns

In 1965 for the second time in our history, one of our coins depicted a non-Royal, Sir Winston Churchill. He was our wartime Prime Minister and was more honoured after his death than before. The Royal Mint issued a crown, in fact, this Churchill Crown was the last Five Shillings or real crown the Mint ever issued for this country. You have the Queen on the obverse and Churchill on the reverse. At one time these crowns were very common, but no more, in fact, we asked all around the country and were surprised how few we were able to find. Perhaps it is the marketing companies who are asking up to £10 - £12 for a Churchill Crown! We have taken 20 nice Uncirculated coins, it is impossible to find Choice Uncirculated examples, the Mint just did not strike them that nice. Remember, this is the last pre-decimal Crown that the Royal Mint ever struck. We have placed the 20 Uncirculated coins in a special plastic tube that has been treated to preserve these crowns. So we are offering these Uncirculated Churchill crowns by the roll. Worth putting away to give as little gifts and when someone mentions the Second World War… According to what the marketing companies charge, we should be charging £200-£240 for the roll. But at Britain’s Coin Shop we work differently. You can have a full roll of 20 Uncirculated Churchill crowns for just £69.50 or buy three rolls for just £195.
Picture of Solomon Islands, £5 Churchill Silver Proof 2015

Solomon Islands, £5 Churchill Silver Proof 2015

In 2015 the Royal Mint issued a crownsized £5 to honour Winston S. Churchill, our wartime Prime Minister. We have offered the Sterling Silver Piedfort of this coin before, but this is the first time that we offer the regular thickness. It is struck in Proof Sterling Silver rather than the double thickness of the Piedfort. You have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and Sir Winston Churchill in a rather interesting and we think beautiful portrait on the reverse. You have had the Piedfort now is the time for the ‘regular’ VIP Sterling Silver Proof. Churchill is always popular, and we don't have that many coins available...
Picture of Somalia, 25 Shillings Churchill Millennium Icon

Somalia, 25 Shillings Churchill Millennium Icon

The African nation of Somalia issued a group of crownsized coins to honour famous people. Not every one of them was a hero, but they were famous and well known. For this issue, we can offer Winston Churchill our hero Prime Minister during the Second World War, in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Struck in cupro-nickel you have a portrait on one side and the arms of Somalia on the other side. Each piece is full crownsized and Brilliant Uncirculated condition, getting harder and harder to find.

Tristan da Cunha, Wartime Churchill Crown

Over the years there have been a number of different countries that had made crownsized coins to honour Winston Churchill. But this is the first time that we've seen this Crown from Tristan da Cunha. It was issued in 2010 and shows him as Wartime Prime Minister. You have his portrait on one side with airplanes flying behind him and the British flag in red, white, and blue. Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse and the crown is proof and comes in a protective capsule. We were only able to buy 150 of these, once they are gone, they are gone.
Picture of Victoria Cleland £5 Winston Churchill Polymer Plastic B414 Unc

Victoria Cleland £5 Winston Churchill Polymer Plastic B414 Unc

Here we offer a Polymer Churchill £5 signed by Victoria Cleland, the first Chief Cashier to sign this variety.