Central Powers

Coins issued between 1914-1918 in one of the countries that formed the Central Powers during WWI (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria). 

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German East Africa, 15 Rupien 1916

this very RARE Gold coin is the only one from German East Africa. You have an elephant on one side and the German Eagle on the other side. Mounted in a gold mount that was made at the time, made to swivel so you can use either side. Very Rare but Unique in this mount, Extemely Fine

Germany, German Empire Silver Half Mark

These German Half Marks were struck in silver and issued from 1911-1915, World War One put a stop to them. The coins are Extremely Fine condition and now are over 100 years old. At one time they were common, but as collectors started to buy them, they turned out to be anything but common. Dates and mint marks are of our choice, basically it whatever comes out of the bag. If you order more than one we will try to give you as many different dates and mint marks as you order coins.